5 Ways Technology Can Transform Your Business

New technology is expensive, and many small business owners are delaying investment into the newest gadgets and tools available to them. However, many are failing to see the bigger picture of what technological investment can do for their company. Smart phones, laptops, helpdesk software, and other modern technological advances can increase efficiency and keep clients happy and loyal. Small businesses will receive all of the following benefits by investing in newer technology:


1. Constant Customer Access

Clients like to feel connected and appreciate the ability to contact a business at any hour, day or night. Modern technology can offer them this opportunity in many forms:

• It allows direct access by cell phone, even if the owner or company representative is out of the office.

• It provides email access for problem resolution with an automated response to let the customer know that his message has gotten through the system.

• It allows customers to garner information about business hours, products and prices without speaking to an employee.

2. Greater Visibility

Attracting new customers through traditional means can take up much of a small business’s advertising dollars. Technology can keep your business before the eyes of potential customers in the following ways:

• SEO can help your website achieve a high ranking on major search engines

• Social media networks can be utilized to market the business and generate buzz among consumers. No better medium exists for increasing market share than personal reviews from satisfied customers.

3. Increased productivity

The right technology can help businesses stretch both time and manpower which can increase the funding needed for reinvestment. Taking the following steps usually results in greater productivity for a small business:

• Using online tools to speed all bookkeeping procedures, track troubleshooting, and organize files

• Using a helpdesk software system developed to track troubleshooting issues

• Finding the right programs to organize files so that valuable information is just a touch away

• Using the web to analyze customer trends and reactions in order to modify problems within the company before they lead to a loss of clients

4. Superior Employee Teamwork

In a small business, collaboration among employees is paramount to successful production. Technology can help a company keep all workers in the loop in the following ways:

• By allowing employees to work different hours and still maintain consistency

• By giving all employees access to a central data base of information

• By letting employees work in the most efficient place

5. Instant Access to Business Support Services

Technology gives a small business the ability to find other supporting sources for needs that it cannot support in house. These might include the following:

• Design services

• Printing services

• Research agents

• Secretarial work

Small business owners who investigate the possibilities offered by modern technological advances will be surprised at the opportunities available for growth. An investment in these tools will open new doors for sales and could make every aspect of the business run more smoothly.

This article has been contributed by Sarah Peterson. Sarah writes for a website that reviews knowledgebase software and offers advice to business owners on how they can use new technology to increase the productivity of their businesses.

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