5 Smart Phone Apps for Christians

We live in an era where advanced technology is used. As you know, there are many apps in the market for everybody.  However, there are many Christians who have smart phones out there, but they do not know which apps they will use to help them up lift their faith. Due to this technology, it has made it easy for Christians to study the word of God and at the same time to understand more about their faith.

Below are 5 smart phone apps for Christians that one can use:

1.       Bible hero

This is a most entertaining Bible trivia game that you can play with even family and friends. Through this app, you can answer as many questions as you can, regarding Bible stories, characters, and events.  Through this app, you can set as many as 8 different teams. This app is helpful when you want to spend or have fun with your family and friends. It is also educating.

2.       Your version

This app is a cool one to have in your smart phone. The reason for it being the coolest is; you can access many different versions of the Bible depending on your preference.  For example, if you prefer the new King James Version, you will be able to read it. This app requires the use of data Wi-Fi connection to retrieve the pages of the Bible you want to read.

3.       Children’s Bible

As Christians, telling Bible stories to kids is a great thing. This is one of the principles of Christianity, to teach their children about the word of God. Therefore, if you are looking for an easy way to do it, then this app is for you. Through this app, you will be able to access all the Bible stories. Furthermore, these stories have been simplified in such a way that your kids will understand. This app has comic books of the Bible story and also, some of them have been animated so that they can watch short stories. This app makes it easy for you to study the Bible with your kid a whole lot easier.

4.       Prayer list

One of the most important things to Christianity is prayers. Because of this, making regular prayers is important for them. Therefore, instead of you making a list on a piece of paper, why don’t you do it on your smart phone? The best thing about this app is that you can use images to pray for it. This makes it easy for you to refer back to your prayer list at any time.

5.       Church

This application is the best because it makes it easy for Christians to get access to many different things that relate to Christianity.  Some of the things that you will have when you install this app into your smart phone are, inspiration quotes, prayer journals, tithed calculator, memory verses and the scripture. Furthermore, it has an offline Bible which has proved to be helpful if you don’t want to connect to the Internet to read the Bible, in other words; your smart phone is your Bible.

Look up for this smart phone apps for Christians and you will experience a change in your life.

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