5 Basic Internet Connectivity Rules You Must Obey for Better Internet Experience

There’s nothing on earth that we can compare to browsing the internet at the right time you wanted to without any limitation. Over the years, people have complained about their inability to browse and surf the web at the right time they wanted to due to ISP challenges. But the truth is many people do not know that “not all internet connection challenges derive from the Internet Service Provider”. In some cases, the user could be the main cause of his/her internet connection problems. Though, it is true that service providers caused the most of challenges internet users faces on daily basis, but, we need to face the reality here and tackle the situation as it is.

Internet Connectivity

Few of challenges faced by internet users on regular basis are:

  • Inability to browse the web at the right time
  • Inability to download files from the web
  • Inability to send and receive data, even when the data rate in question is very low
  • Inability to visit some websites of the world
  • And many more challenges….

The basic internet connectivity rules that can solve these problems are:

You Must Browse the Web at the right time

What makes many people complains about inability to browse the web they want to be because they are browsing amiss. Browsing amiss in this sense simply means the internet user in this example was using the internet at the wrong time of the day. There are times when the traffic would be too much for a particular location of a city. And if there are too many requests at that time, there will be problems for those too far from the broadcasting station because that is where the service is being broadcasted to the whole buildings in the city. Technology is what makes the world sweet and that’s why you need to make sure that you are obeying technological rules and regulations if you wants to get good results from your internet connection setup.

So, it is advisable for anyone interested in browsing smartly to change his timing and browse when few people are online. The right time for such is around 5am to 8am in the morning. It is because that time is when everybody would be rushing for their respective offices.

You Must Not Subscribe for Service too Far from Your Home

Apart from browsing at the right time, you should also remember that distancing yourself from the broadcasting station is a sign that you don’t want to enjoy your internet. So, make sure that you’re subscribing for ISP’s package that will deliver internet access to your home. And not the one that has limits to where you are leaving.

You Must Not Share your connection with Unknown PCs

Your Internet connection health depends mostly on how you deal with the situation. So make sure that you do not share your connection anyhow. Only pair your wireless with likeminded people and not those who will go beyond the limit you gave them in affecting your internet browsing experience.

You Must Not Multi-Task Your Computer

In anyway, do not multi-task your computer so that it can continue producing its best at all times. Do one or two things at time and do the rest later.

You Must Not Download Too Many Files at the Same Time

Download less and you will enjoy your internet connection, but failure to do so means you are wishing for bad internet experience.

You must have good security on your computer

You have to be security conscious if you want to get better internet experience. Download and install the right security system for your computer so that you can have good experience every time. And it will also help you avoid trojans and malwares that eat up your bandwidth.

You Must Always Upgrade Your Computer Operating System

Proper upgrade can take your computer to another level in providing better experience when you are using it to browse. You should make sure that your computer is up to date.


Please obey these rules and you are on the top to enjoy your internet connection without hassle or stress. Please share your experiences while browsing with slow or unresponsive internet access so that we can talks more on them.

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