4 Smartphone Apps Perfect For Looking After Your Finances

More and more people these days are using their phones for more than just calls – with a smart phone you can plan your life, keep a diary, watch TV use social networking sites. Another thing that you can do is manage your finances too.

There really is an app for everything, and for anyone who wants to get a better grip on their money, manage payments and track their bank balances, here are 4 free apps which will do just that.


Mint.com is of course already a very well known budgeting and personal finance too based online. It is perfect for home users who want to manage what they earn and what they spend in any number of currencies.

Mint Apps

It also allows you to view all of your financial information; credit cards, bank statements and bills all in one place. You can then use all of this information to create and track your budgets (via visual graphs if you wish).


For anybody interested in the money, currency or stock markets, Bloomberg is a must. It shows you up to date data, news and graphs which quickly give you financial histories and an indication of how any investment is performing. It is perfect for professional traders or amateurs.


Paypal is becoming increasingly popular and is the standard for secure online transactions. You can now use Paypal on your smart phone to make payments and check your balances.

Not only can you securely make payments, but this app even allows you to instantly deposit funds into your account by taking a photo of a check. You can then of course update your accounts on your Mint app…

Red Laser 

Red Laser is a must have app for any true savvy shopper. The app works by reading bar codes – when in a store you simple take a photo of an item’s bar code with the camera on your phone and Red Laser reads the bar code, finds that item and shows you everywhere else that you could buy it and at what price; so you instantly find out whether the price you are about to pay is competitive or not.


There are plenty of free and very cheap apps available for smartphones and this is just the tip of the iceberg – it really depends what you want out of your phone and what you want from your finances.

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