Technology has made so many things in life much easier to manage. But one thing that you might not realize technology can help you with is keeping you cooler if you’re experiencing a heat wave, like many people around the world have gone through in the last few weeks and months. 

To help you see how this can be done in your life, here are three ways to use technology to keep your home cool during a heat wave. 

Stop Unnecessary Technology Use

Use Technology To Keep Your Home Cool During A Heat WaveWhile this might seem like the opposite of what this list was meant to share, sometimes using less of the technology you have at home is what you really need to be doing to cool things off.

According to Lizzie Thomson, a contributor to, most technology produces radiant heat that can make your home feel much hotter than it otherwise would. Knowing this, if you have a lot of technology turned on in your home, you should unplug or turn off anything that you aren’t actively using. Not only will this help keep your air conditioner from turning on too much, but it will also help to keep your utility bill lower. 

Install Shutters Or Sunscreens

Use Technology To Keep Your Home Cool During A Heat WaveAnother way you can keep your home cooler, according to Sam Wong, a contributor to, is to put something over your windows to block the sunlight from coming in and heating up your space. But while you used to have to manually open and close blinds, shutters, or sunscreens over your windows, you can now automate this through the use of technology.

By linking your window treatments to your smartphone or other devices that control various aspects of your home, you can adjust all of the shutters of your home to let in light when you want it but also block out the sun once the heat of the day really starts to come on. 

Get A Smart Thermostat

Use Technology To Keep Your Home Cool During A Heat WaveTo keep your home cool without running your air conditioner every minute of every day, you may want to consider getting a smart thermostat installed in your home.

With a smart thermostat, you can set your home to be cooler during certain points of the day and warmer during other points of the day. Especially if you spend regular hours outside of your home, this could be a good time to allow your home to heat up a little before cooling back off when you’re on your way home. And because Ashley Singleton, a contributor to, shares that setting a thermostat at 78 degrees Fahrenheit will keep your a/c running at its most efficient, you should try to keep it at this temperature as much as you can. 

If you’re wanting to make it easier on you to keep your home cool during a heat wave, consider using the tips mentioned above to let technology help you with this.