3 Lessons I learnt as a News Writer and Why You Should Use them

News is what makes the World Wide Web growing day by day. There is no business setup around the world that does not depend on news – they would either depend on it to learn more about their competitor’s improvement in order to create a better service to stay longer in the market, or to spy on them. News is what makes the world improving with the use of technological development tools and ideas.

I have been a news blogger for more than a year now and I know what is good in the industry and what is not. Writing news on your blog has one or two benefits and disadvantages to the progress of your website. And that’s why I shall be sharing some tips to help you get more from writing news on your website.

Must know fact about news industry

  • News contributed a lot to our day to day living.
  • News is what the world top leaders depends on before making new product launch – Apple cannot release new iPad without first getting media buzz for the launch. It is because they know that getting a lot of buzz from the social media, different news blogs around the world will help the launch.
  • In every business that is growing well, news contributed a lot to their developments.
  • Blogs covering news around the world contributed 80% of the world’s websites.
  • And many more useful facts. Please check Wikipedia for more facts on News developments.

Now back to the real lessons to learn from covering news on your blog. You need to take these tips seriously because they are going to be of great help in helping your blog grow better and have lots of traffic.

Covering old news won’t make any different

If you have a blog that is focused on a particular niche, you should remember that covering the best of news will help your site grow, and for that reason, you shouldn’t be the last blog to cover the top trending news in your industry. Covering old news won’t make any difference in your website’s progress. It has occurred to me some time ago while I was working on my tech news blog, where I was covering just any type of news without discerning which one to cover most. Covering latest newswill bring a lot of goodies to your website more than other websites re-writing the same news because you are going to be the main source of the info. In addition to that, you will get more backlinks from websites that sourced from your news article.

Covering unconfirmed reports can land you in trouble

Unconfirmed news are kind of news that is not yet verified to be true or false before you cover them on your website. There are countless numbers of blogs and popular news blog out there that reports fake news in order to get traffic or popularity. But the bad part of it is that they ended up getting bad reviews from readers. If you know that particular news has not yet been confirmed to be true, you need to inform the readers that it hasn’t been confirmed or never write such news so that it won’t boomerang on your website image.

Expired news is a great danger for your blog visitors

Everybody wants to be counted when there’s good thing happening. This fact could force you to cover already expired news on your blog in order to feel to belong. But, I will advise you not to try such. Only write good and latest news that is currently trending, not the one you will cover two or three days after the event has already occurred and gone. Apart from showing people your blog belongs to the calibre of the best news around the world, you are at the same time spoiling your blog’s image in the eye of the visitors because you are misinforming them.

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