10 Things to Know About the iOS 5

The Apple is the major brand in the mobile and tablet technology. App has tasted great success so far with its products like the iPhone, iPad, iPods. Whenever we talk about the products of the Apple, then there seems to be not any other company that appears near to it. The Apple is the best and the top most reason that make it the best is its Operating System. The iOS has been popular in the past times and the popularity is still growing as well. There were lots of rumors about the latest iOS i.e. iOS 5 by the Apple, on the internet. Finally, the operating system was officially released by the Apple, few months back.

iOS 5

If you go to know about the iOS 5, on the official Apple’s page, then you will find there 200 new features, that are the part of the iOS 5. A plenty if new features has been included, along with the improved user interface. Many other features like the notification center, iMessage,  Reminders, Calenders have also been improved in the iOS 5. In this post, I am going to post  about some extra amazing features of  the Apple’s new operating system, iOS 5. If you are eager to know about the features of the new iOS, then post is really going to help you. You will come to know about some awesome and amazing features of the iOS 5, that will make your device better than now.

Notification Center Customization

The notification center is the first and good improved feature in the new operating system, iOS 5. If you visit the official Apple’s website page, in this regard, then you will find about this improved feature easily. Now in the iOS 5 all the notifications like the push mail, messages, Emails are put on the single place for the better user experience and simple, easy access as well. The best thing I really liked about the new notification center is that its features are not limited and there is a option to customize it according to our need. It can be done by going to the settings option in the Notification Center. You can add the options, for which you want to get the alerts. You can also change the type of receiving the alerts. For this you can select any alert type, out of the three alert types available. In other words, you have full control on the notification center of your Apple device.


If you are one of those persons, who love the camera of the iPhone and use it regularly, then this feature is surely going to please you. In the previous OS versions, in order to toggle among the camera app, you need to follow the several steps. But in the iOS 5, the task has become pretty much easier and now you can access the camera roll, directly from the camera app. Now you can easily access the camera roll app and can access the images, with in matter of the seconds. According to me, it is the best feature in the iOS 5 for the camera lovers.

Delete Button EveryWhere

If there is some file or song on your Apple device, that you do not like then you will like to delete it from your device. In the previous iOS it is very tough as the delete button is unseen in many of the apps like the notes in the notebook, songs in the music folder. But as the delete button is the feature of the iOS, it allows you to erase the files, whenever you want to delete them, fastly and easily. You can erase the notes in the notebooks and songs in the music library.

Browse the Web Privately

In the previous Apple operating systems, there was the fear of browsing the web. Because whenever we browse the internet, then there are many websites and personal data, that we do not want to share with anyone. But the poor feature of the Safari browser in the past operating systems does not enable us to hide our private info. But the iOS 5 has the solution for it as well. Now you can access the web in the private browsing. The private browsing can be accessed from the settings option in the Safari browser. So with the private browsing feature, you can surf the web without having fear about your private data or info. You can even delete the data as well, by going to the settings option in the Safari Browser.


It is the next feature that has been included in the Apple new operating system, i.e. iOS 5. Emoji is one of the best and cool apps and it is now the part of the Apple’s operating system as well. The best use of this app is by adding it as the international language to the emoticons. To add the Emoji app, go something like this Settings > General > Keyboard > International Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > Emoji. In addition to carry some emoticon, this cool app also has various other cool icons, that you will like surely and you can use all this during your chat. The wide variety of the icons is available there and you can express almost all types of expression like sad or happy to your friends, during the chat.

Custom Keyword Shortcuts

In the iOS 5, you can add the new custom keyboard shortcuts by Settings > General > Keyboard > Add New Shortcut. It is also the cool feature of the iOS 5, as you can save your time in typing the lengthy words. For example the word “Oh My God” is a commonly use word and you need to use this word, several times, during the chat with your friend. So assigning the keyboard shortcut  “OMG” will surely save your time and you will be able to write the whole word by simply writing the shortcut only.

Custom Vibrations

Custom Vibrations is the next amazing feature of the iOS 5. You can add the vibration of your own version. You can access it by Settings > General > Accessibility > Custom Vibration. Along with the “Create New Vibrations” option there, that help you to create your own custom vibrations and then use them, there are several pre loaded vibrations such as Heartbeat are also there.  You can any custom vibration for each of your contact list person. So by this, when ever some one will call you, then at time time, just by hearing the vibration tune, you can estimate about the name of the person who is calling you. This feature is very good can make a dashing style of you among your friends. If you are physical disable  person, then this feature of the iOS is surely going to help you.

AssistiveTouch and Custom Gesture:

This feature has been introduced in the iOS 5, by keeping the physical disable persons in the mind. This app is equally good for the normal user as well. You can access this new feature by Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch. After enabling the feature, you will be able to see a transparent square shape button on the bottom of your Apple device. By clicking this button you access the various gestures like the Shake, Lock Screen etc. Not only this, you can even create the gesture yourself as well. You can do this by Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch > Custom Gesture. The custom gestures created by you are saved in the separate folders as a macro links.

Usage Management

The apps and files management, was the problem of the previous versions of the iOS. Apple has taken special care on to it and has come up with the better usage management, with the new iOS5. You can access it by Settings > General and then after it, the usage management is all in your hands. You can assign the space for a particular file or app. You can move or copy them in any folder you want, very easily. If you find any file consuming too much space, then you can delete that app or file as well.

More Features

There are several more features in the iOS 5, that were not the part of the previous operating systems, Actually, if we compare this operating systems with the previous operating systems, then it can be easily cleared that the iOS 5 is far better than the other, With the iOS 5 you can save a lot of your precious time. You can access all the features with full speed and thus can live a better iLife. Not only the app management or other mentioned features, the extra features like the better app management has also been included there. Now you can easily find the paid and free apps easily. The other good feature is that you can easily check that, which are the apps that were bought by your in the past or downloaded by you. You can also check that which apps are for the iPhone and which are fro the iPad, and so you can download the correct apps for you and thus can save your time.

The Apple’s new operating system is far better than all the previous operating systems. We just have some words to say that the Apple’s iOS 5 is just awesome, mind blowing and superb. What do you think about it?? Please let us know about it by dropping your valuable comments in the comment section below.

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