Blogging is not all about pursuing your passion for writing because, in the long run, you will want to receive income from it too. Sure, you love to describe in detail your previous trip to the Caribbean. But as you keep on pushing the pen, you will realize that you want to make money out from your hobby.

The question is…

Can you actually earn from being a blogger?

Hmm, to tell you honestly, making a living out of writing is not that easy.

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Does it sound blunt? Well, there is no use in sugar coating the truth, right? Like other moneymaking ideas, you have to put in considerable effort and go through a few failures before raking in cash. And, when it comes to your blog site, you need to do more than post advertisements and promote affiliate products. You must also optimize it.


Now, if you have little idea about this, here are ten easy SEO techniques to help you with blogging

1. Come up with unique titles

  • This is essential because most readers tend to check out articles with distinctive headers rather than common ones.
  • Of course, you should not forget to keep them simple and brief too, so your audience will find it easy to get the gist of your topic just by looking at the titles.
  • Finally, put relevant keywords for effective search engine indexing and good ranking.


2. Place keywords in the meta and description tags

  • You have to create around 150-character descriptions with at least one primary keyword each to give the readers a quick insight about the blogs’ themes or subject.


3. Use pings

  • You can take advantage of a user-friendly tool that allows you to submit and update your articles to several search engines.
  • You can also obtain alerts on specialized Web services, especially if these are important or connected to your site.


4. Apply “Blog Archive”

  • You can use it to insert your blog pages with internal links for indexing.
  • To do this, open your Blogger account and choose “Design”. Then, go to “Add a Gadget”, which is at the sidebar. Afterwards, select “Blog Archive” and click “Save”.

5. Create separate posts

  • By doing this, you can appeal to readers with varied interests.
  • You can also make it easy for search engines to determine each page’s relevancy.

6. Manage comments

  • The remarks or feedbacks that you get from visitors are important because many users are attracted to topics that other individuals find interesting.
  • Therefore, always write fascinating articles and include questions to encourage your readers to comment.
  • As a note, you will not always acquire positive or relevant feedbacks. While you can leave arguments or criticisms at that, do not forget to remove meaningless and irrelevant comments (especially those that contain useless links).

7. Change the position of the blog and post title

  • The typical title of your content is this one: Blog Title/ Post Title.
  • You have to switch them and put the latter first for easy and effective indexing from search engines.
  • In return, your article’s title appears on result pages rather than your blog name.

8. Share your sitemap

  • Submit it to Google Webmaster Tools for crawling.
  • This way, you can increase your blog pages’ visibility and ranking.

9. Place images and put alt tags

  • The right pictures give your topics more character, making them more interesting.
  • Create image alt tags with short descriptions and relevant keywords.


10. Make anchor texts

  • You need these to link back to the other content on your site.
  • Again, use primary keywords or phrases.

As a final tip, do not forget to develop an ATTRACTIVE DESIGN for your blog site. This way, it will not look boring and dull. In return, you can attract more readers.

So, there you have it. Follow these strategies and you can generate more traffic. When you do, you can increase your credibility as a blogger. As a result, your readers will not hesitate to check out your offers.

Or, if you want to earn money by writing blogs for other people, you can ensure that your clients will ask for more articles from you because you are adept at blogging.

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