Microsoft’s Whiteboard to be Collaborative Inking App for Windows 10

Microsoft has always stepped an extra edge while introducing new technology and services and awed us with its creative innovations since decades. It has dilated its portfolio over international boundaries with the many new apps and features easing technology in our hands.

The Shanghai event highlights

At the Shanghai event held on Tuesday, Microsoft has revealed its all new notion on the introduction of new Surface pro device. The shipping will commence on 15h June. It has unveiled on the collaborative inking app known as Microsoft whiteboard and a USB-C dongle.

The app is incorporated with potential of inking between multiple people all across the globe. This all new and much talked about Microsoft Whiteboard app  is anticipated to offer collaborative capabilities as mentioned and will also extend its support to all future Windows 10 running devices that will be launched later, in the current year.

Microsoft Whiteboard App and its features

Microsoft to give an update to wiows 10 with its whiteboard app.

Microsoft White board app

The very notion of allowing people all across the world to collaborate emphasizes the fact of sharing and exchanging projects and ideas across a larger platform, expanded set of ink enabled devices of Windows 10. The app has been devised to offer many new exciting features with Pencil texture and ink effects to Office 365 subscribers from the next month.

Apparently, the Microsoft whiteboard app will be supporting in stable Microsoft Excel, word and PowerPoint apps.

Premium highlights of Microsoft White board App

  1. The App is designed to provide 2-wa inking for Windows 10
  2. It features collaborative inking, table conversion, geometry recognition and automatic table shading.
  3. People can exchange projects over international borders
  4. New inking effects with pencil texture will be made available in Microsoft PowerPoint, excel and word.
  5. New digital case that allows you to personalize the pens, highlighters and pencils and synchronize them.

Microsoft USB Type C dongle

Apart from this, Microsoft has also confirmed that it shall release surface USB type c dongle which will connect to earlier versions and new surface pro versions of surface laptops. The dongle will be designed to offer USB type C support to all surface devices.

The Corporate Vice President, Microsoft, Panos Panay has commented that the device can be used to charge a device and if someone wants to put it back and forth with the type-c peripheral, he can.

The Launch of Surface Pen

The Shanghai event have primarily highlighted on the surface pro but the all new surface pen has also bagged much appreciation and limelight from the surface team. The all new surface pen is apparently going to be the fastest pen ever and its accuracy is twice as much as the previous version.

The surface pen also supports drawing and fluid writing. The Microsoft apps will also have the new surface pens. This upgraded surface pen houses 4096 levels of pressure and 21 milliseconds latency with support tilting sensitivity.

Surface Pen will also extend its support tilt and shading which is an add-on to the previously launched versions and is anticipated to be made available in the coming few weeks.

5 Best Windows 8 Phones

Microsoft Windows is popular OS to all people around the whole world. The number of smart phone users is increasing day by day. When this Microsoft has decided to introduce windows for the mobile platform, it initiated with a quite hard competition to the other mobile OS. Numerous smart phones are available with windows OS.  It possesses an excellent user interface, a quicker engine that processes applications quicker. Great range of applications is available for the users over this platform. Now we will discuss about the 5 best Windows 8 Phones. The list for 5 best Windows 8 Phones is given below:

1.     Nokia Lumia 928:

5 Best Windows 8 Phones

Nokia has introduced Lumia 928 smart phone that is most excellent for the low light photographs with 8.7Mega Pixel pure view camera. This phone possesses Carl Zeiss lens along with optical picture stabilization. It clicks much enhanced photographs than compared to any other smart phone of this range. You are able to play and shoot 1080p full HD recording with this phone and it possesses Xenon flash also. It contains pure motions 4.5 inch AMOLED display, storage of 32 GB and RAM of 1GB. This phone supports the 4G network and is available with windows 8 phone OS. This phone can be charged wirelessly. It possesses CPU of 1.5 Giga Hertz dual core processor.

2.     Nokia Lumia 920:

This phone features a high-quality photograph capturing technology by means of its Carl Zeiss lens and pure view camera. It contains inbuilt facility of wireless charging. It possesses storage of 32 GB RAM of 1GB and 4.5 inch HD display. It contains a 8.7 Mega Pixel camera and also a secondary camera. Its battery capacity is slightly lower but this phone supports the 4G network.

3.     Nokia Lumia 521:

This phone is available with a 4 inch much sensitive full HD touches screen display. You are able to use this phone when wearing the gloves. This phone supports the 4G network. It possesses an inbuilt 5Mega Pixel camera. In this phone the music streaming facility is free. It contains storage of 8GB with RAM of 512 MB. It has CPU of 1Giga Hertz dual core processor.

4.     Windows phone 8X by HTC:

This is a simply awesome smart phone for clicking snaps as it has a front facing, ultra wide angle, camera through which you are able to take photos of more people in a single click. It contains a brilliant screen that is even bright in sunlight. It is available with 8Mega Pixel camera along with LED flash. It has RAM of 1GB, storage of 16GB and its CPU is of 1.5Giga Hertz dual core processor. This phone supports the 3G network.

5. Huawei W1

This phone contains a high battery life along with 1950mAh battery. This phone’s IPS display screen of 4 inch offers a very excellent viewing in sunlight even. It possesses 1.2 Giga Hertz dual core processor, 5 Mega Pixel cameras along with LED flash, RAM of 1GB, and storage of 4GB. This phone supports 3G network.

All of these smart phones are superlative for clicking snaps and possess an extensive variety of applications. Windows 8 phone OS appears to be quite good. The best function is its sliding functionality. With some other high-end features, you are able to explore Windows smart phones.  Enjoy these 5 best Windows 8 Phones.

How To Download Facebook Messenger Into Windows7

Facebook’s Messenger program for Windows is now accessible for all to go on chitchatting with. Facebook has been analyzing the usage from the month of November as a private trial part and now eventually bared the link of download. The application incorporates the facilities to the chat options, statement parts of Facebook and ticker serve. The app is one of the hottest among the series of objective Facebook chat applications prepared accessible prior this year. Facebook has already discharged so many apps for android and also for blackberry to provide chat features for the users. The Windows7 app is not taking benefit of the exclusive attaching characteristics of the operating system, but it comprises a smart dock element that will swift the app to the edge of the screen.

How To Download Facebook Messenger Into Windows7

Facebook claimed that they had encouraged the readers and offer the official down load link to each and every person who prefers it. Downloading Facebook Messenger for Windows as a distinct desktop app by which you can explore and chat without stay in the website of Facebook is now quite easy talk as Facebook publicized the new Facebook messenger just as a test app.  When you browse the web, you will be able to use the Facebook Messenger for proceeding your Facebook Chat task with your near and dears in turn you can view the latest updates of your friends in ticker. The app certainly provides you a sort of ease in regarding to Facebook application and updates.

After the complete installation of Facebook Messenger, you will be able to simply make your Facebook login and logout through right-clicking of the Facebook icon shown in Windows system platter. As soon as you unseal the app, it is automatically get freed by default from then you will be able to scroll it over your computer monitor, but you can tie up the app and settle it on the screen also. If you select the “Keep me logged in” choice then Messenger will hold you logged in to Facebook even you have shut down your browse or steer away from Facebook. So you have to log out before choosing exit especially in the case where your PC owns multiple consumers.

To discourage the usage of fake links as they will cause virus attack, Facebook had also put out the official link to install the Facebook Messenger in a safe manner. Facebook Messenger has been earlier accessible for mobile gadgets. Having functioned with in smart phones, Facebook also made this application available for Windows-based PC’s and laptop. Facebook Messenger is in fact a chat product such as Yahoo Messenger or any other else.

After installation procedure gets completed, you can use the application using your Facebook account. This application resembles a chat facility that is resided in the right bottom of every web page which you   browse on the computer. You can utilize this application even without the assistance of a browser and it will opens way to proceed to your Facebook site. The notable Advantages of Facebook Messenger is that you can enjoy the same experience of using a browser. You can also mail private messages in response to friend requests. Several reliable online sources are there to provide straight access to the link of Facebook messenger.

Will Windows 8 Win The Race?

The new thing is coming in the market after a long time which is a good sign for the huge corporate houses; the Windows 8 is in the market. Not often Microsoft comes up with the dramatic launch of the revised version. But it happened they launched windows 8, raising the expectation in all the sectors of the whole economy including the competitors.

windows 8

The raised expectations will have an impact on the performing windows and the launce windows 8, what else it can provide the users of windows 7 and vista who know what they are using. The windows 8 is a desktop software which Microsoft is trying to load up in the OS in tablet phones or the smart phones, thus it is very improbable that it will hit the success  rate of the other used versions of Windows. The prediction says it will have a success which is split.

It raises the lots of questions in the mind of the users, market readers and speculators regarding the windows 8 as will it succeed in market. Some important questions still to be answered are as follows:

·         Will it work on tablet phones?

·         Will this retain or enhance the security system?

·         Are user’s willing to go back to the desktops in era of smart phones?

·         Is it better than the OS of Android?

·         Can it stand in front of the market leader in mobile OS, in Apple?

These questions are bound to rise in the market. How, what and when it will be covered to them about the questions they have in the mind?

Work on tablets: Mystery

Microsoft’s Windows 8 is using the high speed mobiles and the tablet phones will they turn back to the oldest form of computing as the windows 8 is working mainly on the desktops and laptops at most. However the new looks are not everything; operating system which is made to run on the desktops or PCs and the tablet phones but the main question, can it work on tablets is not answered in a favorable manner, as it hasn’t worked well on tablets. So the tablets phone is not the right place for the windows 8. Yet they are hopeful that it will work and will give the market giant the competition.

Android iOS vs windows 8 Os

It is the first windows version to get on with the direct competition with the market leader in iOS, Apple. This will compete with the tablets, iPads and the question needs to be answered is that, can windows 8 stand and hold firm?

The users in the era are, using the tablet, iPhones, I pads and the smartest phones on which the OS of the market leader is running, with undoubtable success. Are they going to shift their interest to the basic compact old version of the computing? The interface of windows 8 is great and it’s attractive but in this era it’s not enough.


This is the version of the windows and they are going to have a tough time in the market as they are heading directly with the experienced giants in the market as it is new in the segment so the operating system in mobile phones. So the success is not guaranteed. We have to wait till its launching.

5 Great Reasons Why You must upgrade to Windows 8?

With the Windows 8 developers preview version available for download the last year, all Windows enthusiasts installed it to their system to have a first-hand experience of the OS before it is officially available. One major change which people found when they loaded the new Windows 8 OS was that they were greeted by a new UI known as ‘Metro’ instead of the usual Windows desktop screen. However this was no surprise as already there was news that the new Windows OS will be developed keeping the tablet PCs in mind. Let us now check some reasons why you should discard your old window 7 or any OS you have and go for the Windows 8.

windows 8

windows 8

  1. Picture Passwords

Tablets usually lack keyboards and typing on them is not easy. Hence Windows came up with an optional picture passwords wherein you can select any picture in your hard drive and using certain pre-determined gestures like- drawing a circle, making a line etc. you can log into your system.

  1. Refresh OS

When we install or uninstall applications, there are certain files which are left over which as time passes by clutter on and decrease the performance of the computer. In order to keep your computer in the best shape, it is hence recommended that you reinstall the OS in regular intervals. However installing an OS is quite a hectic task and requires great deal of knowledge on computers. The Windows 8 however solves this problem with its Reset and Refresh option. (Like Mobile phones) So whenever you feel your system is going slow, backup your important data and click ‘Reset’.

  1. Easy installation

The windows 8 will not require a bootable CD/DVD to install and you can just install the OS in any computer using your pen-drive. This also means that you can carry your OS wherever you want and install in the PC you are working with to get the familiar feeling anywhere you work.

  1. Touch screen operation

Windows 8 is especially designed keeping touch screen devices in mind. Hence if you own one of those touch screen monitors, then Windows 8 will provide a much better and smoother experience. With applications specially meant for touch screen devices, you can increase your productivity using the Windows 8 OS.

  1. Software compatibility

The best feature about Windows 8 is that all the applications and games which currently run on Windows 7 or Vista will be able to run in the new Windows 8 too. Hence there won’t be much problem regarding installing applications/games which you currently use. Also the Windows 8 OS will be able to run new applications including apps meant to be used for the ‘Metro’.

The Windows 8 has got positive feedback from people- both newbies and experienced techies and has been praised for the new concept and looks. So regardless of your device- tablet or OC, Windows 8 has got lots of features and applications in store for you.

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