Converting WMV to MOV with the Movavi Video Converter

Some video formats are widely compatible with a variety of devices but others are not. The WMV and MOV tend to be among the latter, and in many ways these formats can be regarded diametrically opposed seeing as MOV was designed by Apple for its devices, while WMV was created by Microsoft for use on Windows-based devices.


If you have videos in WMV that you’d like to switch to MOV to ensure its compatibility on Apple devices, then the Movavi Video Converter should help you do just that. Learning to convert WMV to MOV using it is really very easy, and due to its intuitive nature all it takes is a few simple steps:

  1. Add the WMV video that you want to convert by clicking on the ‘Add Video’ button and selecting it.
  2. Open up the ‘Convert to’ list and select MOV from under the ‘Video and audio’ section.
  3. Change the ‘Destination’ field to whatever folder you want the converted file to be saved in.
  4. Click ‘Convert’ to start the conversion.

As you can see it doesn’t take very long to set things up, and when the conversion is done the video will be saved as a MOV video in the destination folder that was specified. If you’d like to convert your video to any other format the process is almost identical – all you need to do is select a format or preset from the list provided.

Assuming you opt to use one of the presets, the software will automatically use the best possible format or settings for the device or platform that you select. Additionally, the Movavi Video Converter can be used to convert other types of media files as well – such as images and audio files.

Be sure to also explore the other features of the Movavi Video Converter while you’re at it, as they’ll open up some interesting possibilities. Using it you’ll be able to cut and combine video segments, enhance the video quality, insert customizable text, crop or rotate the video, create animated GIFs, grab screenshots directly from videos, and even extract the audio track from any videos.

Simply put, the Movavi Video Converter will help you out across the board when dealing with media files. It will give you all the flexibility that you need to convert as well as edit and alter your media files in various ways – so that you can make sure that they are stored exactly as you want them.

The Importance of Selecting and Registering a Domain Name

A domain name is much more than just the address of a company on the Internet. The domain name a company chooses has a direct impact on the way that customers see a particular business in several different ways. First and foremost, a domain name determines how search engines will categorize a particular business. This means that, along with other things, the domain name will determine what search results a company’s website will appear in. Additionally, the domain name will determine how seriously a customer will take a business and will ultimately impact their decision as to whether or not they will engage in business with the company.

Registering a Domain Name

Keep it Short = Make it Memorable

Experts agree that the best domain names are ones that summarize the company in just a word or two. Having a short domain name makes it easier for customers to remember it, and they more they remember the name, the more likely they are to come back.

Domain Branding and Relevance

In addition to keeping a domain name short and memorable for customers, it is important to make it a priority with search engines. Incorporating keywords into a domain name can make the website more relevant to search engines when those keywords are used. This means that a company’s website will appear at the top of the search results page for that keyword.

Take Me Seriously

Companies who understand the value of a domain name know that having a .com extension at the end of the domain is vital to be taken seriously. Several extensions such as .vu and .it have become devalued and using such extensions can take a toll on the reputation of the business. Additionally, sites that want to be taken seriously should stay away from using substitutions or unusual spellings as this tends to be distracting and viewed as somewhat amateurish.

Don’t Wait

Competition for domain names is fierce, especially since the price for obtaining one is an inexpensive as it has ever been. Register a domain with Network Solutions or other domain registry in order to avoid having it taken by another company. If there are several variations of the domain, it is important to register them all to avoid confusion as the brand and company grow.

Importantce of Time clocks

When you run a business of any size, it’s important to keep a watchful eye on your labor costs. If you don’t take active steps toward keeping a solid eye on your labor hours, you run the risk of spending far more money every month than you budgeted for. The long-term ramifications of this can be very debilitating since labor costs account for a majority of unnecessary efficiency losses in the country. Thankfully, there are a number of options available to employers who want to take some control over the amount of money they spend on labor every month.

Time clocks are an important part of keeping track of who came in and at what time. They help you to track the entire arc of someone’s hours by showing you when they showed up and when they left. It can also help you see if that person clocked out for their lunches if that’s a policy that you’ve enacted. Newer time clocks also come built with specialized software that compiles all of this data in an easy-to-read format that can easily be placed into whatever time-tracking software you use. This means that you can more easily keep track of the money you’re spending on labor costs every month.

Of course, there are some other great benefits to using time clocks in your business. This is especially true when it comes to specialized time clocks. Biometric time clocks are a great example of a specialized time clock that also provides a lot of other specific benefits. For example, business owners who have research and development sections that aren’t open to all employees are big users of these time clocks. Some time clocks use biometrics that can clear certain employees for entrance into closed-off parts of the company that they are cleared to visit. In this way, a time clock can pull double duty by helping you manage labor costs and maintain security.

In the end, there are a lot of options out there for business owners who want to cut costs wherever possible. Keeping track of how much you spend on labor every month can be a great step toward reigning in costs. With this in mind, take some time to look over the many options you have at your disposal that can make this job easier for you. Things like time clocks can be an essential tool to help monitor costs.

Build an Online Jewelry Marketing Plan

The internet is full of unique, high-quality jewelry pieces from small-volume jewelry designers and producers. If you have a love of making necklaces, pendants, rings, chains, bracelets, earrings, or any other kind of jewelry, there is a potential market out there for you. Jewelry is one of the primary ways we set ourselves apart, using it as a sign of our personal style and tastes. Your creations are just the thing to make someone’s day. In order to build an online store, you just need to have plan and get to work.

Online Jewelry Marketing Plan

It Starts with You

First of all, you need a quality product to sell. Spend some time working on your art, developing your own unique style and creative voice expressed through jewelry. Learn about the materials that interest you most, whether precious metals, glass beads, wire, precious or semi-precious stones, or any other material that you can fashion into a wearable piece of art. Design a line of pieces that speak to your own creative vision. Give your line some unifying factor, so that your work becomes recognizable and to make it easier for customers to accessorize by choosing related pieces. If you want to branch out creatively, you can develop multiple lines of jewelry to showcase different facets of your craftsmanship. But it’s not a bad idea to start small.

Use Intermediaries at First

If you are just getting started in sales, there are a number of sites which will help you by letting you set up a small store with minimal experience or time. Ebay is well known, but Etsy specializes in handmade products and is the go-to place now for many customers looking for jewelry or similar pieces. Look for existing stores on various sites and see what you like and don’t like about them. Review terms of service carefully, especially information about any fees and restrictions about what you can list. If you can, talk to someone who has a store on sites you are interested in. This can give you a more in-depth feeling for how the site operates and what pitfalls you may want to watch out for.

Shift to a Personal Site

Once your business is off the ground and thriving, you may want to set up your own website to showcase and sell your jewelry. This will enable you to escape any restrictions placed on you by letting another site host your store. It will also enable you to use your own domain name, which looks more professional and helps people to find your store online. There are services which provide web hosting specifically for stores. Check several of these out to find what you like. Especially look for specific jewelry website templates in such store sites, as those will be designed from the start to help you showcase your work. Visuals are everything when shopping online, and you want to have a site that will let your jewelry shine, without getting in the way. The right host will support you as you continue to grow your jewelry business and reach new heights of success.

How to Get Traffic to a New Blog?

Gone were the days when blogs were only online diaries created by particular writers. But, today the same blogs have become a good means to promote a business online. This is the reason that today the success of particular blog depends upon the traffic it fetches. Majority of the newbie bloggers opt to quit blogging as they fail to generate good traffic for their blogs. This happens due to their negligence in creating quality content. Considering the problem, experts have come out with valuable tips to get traffic to a new blog:

How to Get Traffic to a New Blog

Exceptional content outset: Today, every website is designed with a blog page to entertain the visitors. But the main problem arises when it becomes tricky to attract the visitors in this extremely packed blog market. The above laid problem can only be dealt with content that is original and valuable.  Traffic is meaningless if your website is devoid of good content. So, make sure that your blogger creates content that is unquestionably accepted by the people and is worth reading.

Social media facilitation: Gear up your network through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Today, almost whole world is present on such sites. This makes it easy for you to integrate the complete world and let them know about your blog. Resultantly, more and more visitors will turn up and you will notice a swift variation on your page. So, tweet about your blog and get sponsored easily.

Advertise through videos: The latest trend that has become dominant in the genre of blogging is video marketing. Many bloggers have begun to endorse video pertaining to their niche in the market. As soon as those videos will be aired online on various sites, your blog will be instigated with many visitors. You can access various sites such as Youtube, Myspace, Google, Blip and lot more. While posting videos on sites, put some descriptive text as a caption to your videos so that visitors find it appealing enough.

Search engine optimisation: While focusing on all the above factors, do not miss carrying out Search engine optimisation. Focus on using specific keywords as per your niche and keep up a proper track on keyword density. By doing so, your blog will fetch search engine traffic easily. Such a concept is very much successful and highly effective. The only thing you need to be concerned about is a proper examination of keyword before using them up in your blogs.

Be a regular commentator: In order to get hold of good traffic, a new blogger should regularly comment on top blogs falling in his niche. Your comments should add value to the blogs of the host. If required, you can even subscribe to RSS feeds as well. This will definitely help you up in bringing your blog on topmost pages.

All the above mentioned methods are regarded as great ways to gear up the performance of a blog online. If you are a new blogger, follow these steps and drive good traffic to your blog.

Best smartphones to sync with your cloud at home or work

When it comes to syncing your smartphone with your cloud computing apps, either at home or at work, pretty much any device will do. However, there are some apps which are designed primarily to work with specific operating systems. Some devices also lend themselves more readily to application use.

Best smartphones to sync with your cloud at home or work

Apple iOS phones: In the lead?

There are differing opinions on who leads the operating system, smartphone and tablet markets.  You could come up with a different conclusion each time just based on the specific data you’re looking at and how you analyze it.

Forbes points out that the Apple vs. Android debate is a bunch of “nonsense,” citing recent data from the IDC and opinions from ReadWriteWeb which indicate that Android is outselling Apple by a five-to-one ratio; but that’s in terms of smartphones. Apple is killing Android in terms of profits in the mobile market and dramatically outselling Android in tablets.

Still, if you’re looking to seamlessly sync your data with your cloud software at work or home, Apple iOS-based devices are a relatively sure bet.

Android phones battle Apple for top dog

Google purchased Android in 2005—since that time, Android-based smartphones have offered users the benefit of totally seamless integration with Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Apps. Thanks to the popularity of these Google features, Android has a definite edge in the battle for top smartphone operating system.

Companies with Android users have another up-and-coming option: The Mobile Virtualization Platform (MVP) which appears to be an ordinary Android application but has the capability to literally create a compartmentalized corporate working environment within the user’s device.

This tool allows users to connect via VPN to the company network while totally separating personal data, photos and other information. All company communications and data transfers are totally encrypted and can be completely wiped out remotely if the device is lost or stolen. The user also has a personal profile in which all that personal data is readily usable, while access to the corporate network is restricted during personal use.

Blackberry falters behind the pack

Despite being an early leader in the smartphone market, especially among enterprises, Blackberry has fallen to third place in recent years as the most-used operating system for smartphones. Because of this, cloud-based application developers are primarily focused on usability for both Android and iOS.

Research in Motion, the company that offers the BlackBerry OS and devices, lost a significant portion of market share in the fourth quarter of 2011—a clear downward slide for BlackBerry, which some experts attribute to the real reason why Google’s market share experienced such gains in the same time period. In other words, BlackBerry’s loss was Google’s gain, but Apple held steady without capturing many of the BlackBerry converters.

If you’re using a Blackberry, you’ve probably discovered at least once that the latest app isn’t available for your device. Android and iOS also have the advantage of tablet computers based on their operating systems, which means it’s easier for developers to modify an app for use on both the iPhone and iPad, for instance, than it is to create a totally separate set of code to capture a few Blackberry users.

The current trend of companies issuing smartphones to employees while restricting personal use creates a hassle—and inefficiency—for employees. Many are forced to carry two phones (one for work, one for play), which is wasteful. But look for companies to continue to seek out the best ways to sync company data with smartphones using the cloud, as it can improve productivity but also alleviate some of the security concerns associated with BYOD policies. The smartphone race, as a result, will continue in full force as the major players strive to be the most functional and secure OS on the market.

Using Technology to Research the Most Misdiagnosed Injuries Online

Medical misdiagnosis is when medical practitioners either diagnosis erroneously or misjudge the severity of a condition. Misdiagnosis causes delayed treatment and can lead to the progression of the disease or even death.

Medical misdiagnosis is alarmingly common. According to an article published by NBC News, over 120,000 Americans die every year due to misdiagnoses, which is a big reason why so many professionals go to school to become wrongful death lawyers. Certain diseases have symptoms that mimic other diseases and are much more difficult to diagnose, which can result in death.

Technology to Research the Most Misdiagnosed Injuries Online

Below is a list of three common injuries that lead to a medical misdiagnosis.

1. Achilles Tendon Rupture

The Achilles tendon connects two calf muscles to the heel bone. The position of this tendon makes it a prime location for trauma-induced ruptures. An Achilles tendon rupture is the most common type of tendon rupture.

Symptoms of a rupture include slight pain in the vicinity of the muscle just above the heel. These symptoms are similar to a spraining or straining of the calf. Calf sprains will heal by themselves over time, but an Achilles tendon rupture will not improve and may even grow worse.

Sometimes, a clicking or popping noise can be heard; this sound is a hallmark diagnostic characteristic. When this characteristic goes unnoticed by physicians, it is commonly misdiagnosed and it will not improve without proper treatment.

2. Stress Fracture

Stress fractures are tiny breaks in the bone. They are caused by long-term stress on the bones. Excessive use of the bone over time will cause slight breaks.

Sports like tennis, basketball, and track may cause these injuries. Usually a stress fracture occurs in the lower end of the body, such as the legs and feet. The symptoms include moderate to severe pain, swelling, tenderness, or bruising.

Tendinitis and strains exhibit symptoms like stress fractures and are often mistaken for them. The only way for this condition to improve is for a physician to reset the bone. Surgery may also be involved. Without proper treatment, the stress fracture may develop into a more sever, chronic problem.

3. Scaphoid Fracture

The scaphoid is one of several carpel bones in the wrist. The bone has a small diameter and is underneath the thumb. The scaphoid is in a vulnerable position and is the most commonly broken bone in the wrist.

An injury to the scaphoid is concerning because it underlines a strong blood supply to the hand. Gymnasts, cheerleaders, and other athletes who regularly use their wrists are at high risk for scaphoid fractures.

When injured, this bone can interfere with blood flow, so correctly diagnosing a scaphoid fracture is important. Additionally, it can progress into a more severe condition known as avascular necrosis. The symptoms of a scaphoid fracture resemble that of a common sprain.

Usually the break is accompanied by bruises, pain, and loss of function. Treatment for scaphoid fractures is unlike that of sprains. A scaphoid fracture usually requires a cast and may necessitate a resetting surgery. A medical misdiagnosis is a major problem because it will not improve on its own—treatment is required for improvement.

Patients who have had a primary physician overlook the fracture, or who were not properly treated for the fracture, and later suffered from avascular necrosis may find relief from a medical malpractice attorney.

3 Lessons I learnt as a News Writer and Why You Should Use them

News is what makes the World Wide Web growing day by day. There is no business setup around the world that does not depend on news – they would either depend on it to learn more about their competitor’s improvement in order to create a better service to stay longer in the market, or to spy on them. News is what makes the world improving with the use of technological development tools and ideas.

I have been a news blogger for more than a year now and I know what is good in the industry and what is not. Writing news on your blog has one or two benefits and disadvantages to the progress of your website. And that’s why I shall be sharing some tips to help you get more from writing news on your website.

Must know fact about news industry

  • News contributed a lot to our day to day living.
  • News is what the world top leaders depends on before making new product launch – Apple cannot release new iPad without first getting media buzz for the launch. It is because they know that getting a lot of buzz from the social media, different news blogs around the world will help the launch.
  • In every business that is growing well, news contributed a lot to their developments.
  • Blogs covering news around the world contributed 80% of the world’s websites.
  • And many more useful facts. Please check Wikipedia for more facts on News developments.

Now back to the real lessons to learn from covering news on your blog. You need to take these tips seriously because they are going to be of great help in helping your blog grow better and have lots of traffic.

Covering old news won’t make any different

If you have a blog that is focused on a particular niche, you should remember that covering the best of news will help your site grow, and for that reason, you shouldn’t be the last blog to cover the top trending news in your industry. Covering old news won’t make any difference in your website’s progress. It has occurred to me some time ago while I was working on my tech news blog, where I was covering just any type of news without discerning which one to cover most. Covering latest newswill bring a lot of goodies to your website more than other websites re-writing the same news because you are going to be the main source of the info. In addition to that, you will get more backlinks from websites that sourced from your news article.

Covering unconfirmed reports can land you in trouble

Unconfirmed news are kind of news that is not yet verified to be true or false before you cover them on your website. There are countless numbers of blogs and popular news blog out there that reports fake news in order to get traffic or popularity. But the bad part of it is that they ended up getting bad reviews from readers. If you know that particular news has not yet been confirmed to be true, you need to inform the readers that it hasn’t been confirmed or never write such news so that it won’t boomerang on your website image.

Expired news is a great danger for your blog visitors

Everybody wants to be counted when there’s good thing happening. This fact could force you to cover already expired news on your blog in order to feel to belong. But, I will advise you not to try such. Only write good and latest news that is currently trending, not the one you will cover two or three days after the event has already occurred and gone. Apart from showing people your blog belongs to the calibre of the best news around the world, you are at the same time spoiling your blog’s image in the eye of the visitors because you are misinforming them.

Outlook vs. Gmail – 5 Reasons why I love Outlook

All are shocked after seeing the new developed version of hotmail by Micro soft, it’s named as Outlook.

Now all geeks are thinking which is good?  New Microsoft Outlook or Gmail ? Which is best choice? I prefer you to read my 5 points that explain you why I’m going with outlook.

5 Reasons to choose Outlook

1. New and Easy Interface

So many users bored with Gmail interface, Deffenately Outlook will be the good option for those who want to try something new. Outlook navigation is very easy to use and also it’s having very professional look than Gmail.

2. Loading speed

Loading speed is very important point here; the old version of hotmail is not much good in speed if compared to Gmail. But now it seems Microsoft taken very special care on speed of Outlook, Because of that now we can use Outlook on very high speed like Gmail. We can’t decide with is best in seed Gmail OR Outlook, in my opinion both was good in speed for as now.

3. Security Improved

It seems user security also improved in the new outlook if compared to hotmail. I heard that Microsoft developers are still working on security part of Outlook, It means full version of outlook is not out till now. May be we can hope more security options in outlook in upcoming days, (Like 2 step verification of Gmail).  However for as now Gmail is top in account security part.

4. Good Social Integration

All of us know Google always try to promote Google plus in Gmail, We miss twitter, Facebook info in Gmail. But In Outlook we can see both twitter and facebook updates when you opened a massage of a person like in below screenshot.  Gmail will be good if you are Google plus addicted, Otherwise you should switch to outlook.

5. Access to Sky drive

We can use sky drive free storage with using outlook account. You can switch to outlook or sky drive or anything very quickly because of its easy navigation.  Sky drive is my favorite, that’s the main reason why I switched to outlook.

I know google also offering free storage service called as “Google Drive” but sky drive is better than G Drive in my opinion for quick and fast file storage.

Bottom line:

Now it’s your turn, Time to choose your primary Mail service. I prefer you to try both Gmail and outlook for few weeks, and then take decision which is good as your primary. I Hope my points help you to choose the best service.

4 Best Home Technologies at Home for Easy and Healthy Living

Just think of a single day, when you are not keeping in touch with technology. Sure, you cannot calculate a single day, when you have not used any technology. Technology has served mankind in various ways in their day to day life. Human need various types of technology in everyday to live safely and happily. In today’s tech-savvy world, it has become almost impossible to stay a single day without the intervention of technology. From cooking to entertainment, you need technology. Few of the most required technologies at home have been mentioned in this article.

Water Purification Technology for Pure Drinking Water

Water is also known with the name of “Life”. It is a very essential part of your body, which keeps you healthy. However, you might have noticed scarcity of pure drinking water due to the excessive pollution everywhere. So, water filtration technology has become very important in every household. You will find various types of water filtration technology in the market, by which you can filter the drinking water. Popular water filter technology is RO technology, which effectively removes all unwanted materials in the water and you get a pure water to drink.

Home Security Technology

Home Security Technology

Security of home has become a prime concern these days. The crime, theft, burglar in urban areas has increased to a certain extent and it is very important that you must have safety measures at your home, to avoid such troubles. The best technology to protect your home is electric alarm clock, which gives you alarm when strangers enter your surroundings. There are many types of security alarms available at the market, which you can install at your home to protect it from the thieves, burglar, etc.

Solar Panels Are Environment Friendly Technology

The cost of energy is increasing day by day. The excessive electric bill in every month has become a matter of concern and it is also quite heavy on the pocket. So, in order to save money, you can install environment friendly technology at your home. Solar panels are the best technology, which can save electric energy to a great extent. You can install solar panels on the roof of the house, which will convert the sunlight into electric energy. You can store the electric energy in any storage device such as battery, which you can later use to run your electric appliances.

Entertainment Technology At Home

Entertainment is very important part of life and it is really impossible to stay without it. Technology has not only relieved with the household works, but it has also provided many devices for entertainment. The best entertainment technology at home in this tech-savvy era, is satellite television. You can enjoy watching satellite television spend your leisure time in a great manner. Satellite television telecast programs from all over the world in different languages, which is really a very interesting thing. Apart from the programs of different languages, you can enhance your knowledge about the whole world through the 24 hours news channels, in which news from the all over the world is telecast.