Improving the customer experience

There is nothing more important as an online businessman than your relationship with your customers order to maintain this relationship in a constantly changing online marketplace, your business must definitely keep up with the technical upgrades that are consistently occurring throughout the online landscape.


There is, however, another aspect to improving the customer experience. Your customers first must feel emotionally attached to your business as a brand in order to make purchases from you. They must also feel as though their financial information is completely safe when they trust you to do business. These two aspects of business are actually not in the hands of the small business owner directly. They are in the hands of the merchant service with whom the business owner chooses to create a partnership.

The customer, however, does not know the name of the merchant services company or the shopping cart company that runs in the background during the sales process. If there is a mistake made by that third-party company, it will naturally attribute to website that is on the front page. This means that you can actually lose business because of the mistakes of another company. As such, you should take great pains in deciding which of these companies will actually serve as your shopping cart.

Reputable shopping cart companies such as 1ShoppingCart that have been around for years certainly deserve a thorough look when you are vetting for the company that you would use as your sales administrator. These companies will have enticing storefronts along with the proper technical algorithms in place that will ensure the safety of the financial and personal information of the people that use it. This is especially important in the wake of recent announcements by Microsoft that they will no longer provide support for their order Windows operating systems. Because many of the shopping carts that are in business today use those older operating systems, hackers now have much more opportunity than they did in the past to steal vital financial information from the customers who use those platforms. Do not get caught in the crossfire of this announcement – entrust your shopping cart to a service provider that knows enough to immediately upgrade themselves and inform you and your customer base about it.

Why SMS API Providers Offer Various Scripts and Codes

Are you familiar with sending business text messages? If you are then great, if not you’ll be amazed to learn that there are a variety of different ways in which any business can send and receive text messages. One of the most popular methods is through SMS APIs.

Put simply, SMS (Short Message Service) APIs (Application Programming Interface) are a script or code that sits between your current software, programme or application and that of the SMS gateway provider. In other words, you carry on using the applications you access day-in, day-out, just with the added facility to send and receive text messages.

Did you know that’s how it worked? There’s a common misconception that when it comes to SMS marketing, you’ll either need to download additional software or login to a third party service to send out your messages. In truth, this needn’t be the case. It’s much simpler and more akin to your needs and requirements – all thanks to SMS APIs.

Integrate a number of API scripts

The beauty of SMS APIs is that whatever application or programme you currently use at work, an SMS API script or code can be implemented. This usually takes a day or so, or as long as it takes your developer, but depending on what SMS gateway provider you choose, it’s likely there will be some assistance, just to make sure everything runs smoothly.

The code or the script is usually the same, meaning that whatever application you have, it’s highly likely there will be a compatible script for you to use. That’s why so many businesses and companies have taken advantage of SMS APIs. For example, businesses with the recruitment, hospitality and retail sectors have taken advantage of this to get in contact with clients, customers and guests.

Whether it’s to send out promotional messages with discounts and offers, or even to send customer’s important information regarding bookings or purchases and even appointment reminders, there’s a strong need for, and an excellent strategy behind SMS marketing; and with SMS API’s, the whole process has been made a lot easier.

Why are there different code languages?

Whilst SMS API scripts enable any business to set up an account and obtain the free documentation needed for their developer to implement, there are still a few small hurdles to clear. For example, you need to choose the right script for your application. Now this depends entirely on what script or code your application was built with. For example, a few common examples include PHP, Java and C#.

So you need to choose the script that’s applicable to your application, but fear not because depending on your SMS gateway provider, these will be made available. That’s why SMS API providers offer a variety of different scripts and codes; there won’t necessarily be a huge selection to choose from, just different codes written in different programming language – a godsend for developers.


How can businesses take advantage?

It’s so simple and straightforward that regardless of what appears to be jargon filled and fairly ominous looking codes, any business can integrate an SMS API into their current applications.

First of all, you need to establish which gateway provider you’re going to use. This can be based on the scripts and codes they use, or how much they charge to set up and account. There are multiple providers out there, so finding one that offers a free account set-up isn’t uncommon; with some they even throw in free credits for text messages. This is to help you test your API first, so you don’t end up incurring any extra costs.

Once you’ve chosen the right provider, with the most relevant and suitable API scripts and codes, then it’s over to your developer. As mentioned, they’ll receive the necessary help (if needed), but most developers deal with scripts and codes day-in, day-out. Whilst it may look Greek to the untrained eye, for these guys it’s their native tongue. After the code is integrated, it’s just a case of sending some test texts, and then purchasing the number of credits for the text message you want. The more credits you buy, the cheaper your text messages become.

There you have it. SMS providers offer a variety of API scripts and codes to suit the as many applications and programmes as possible. Whilst the script is similar, the code language will change depending on the code in which your application was written.

AP Inter 1st year results 2012 | AP Inter 2nd year results 2012

The results for the AP Inter 1st year results 2012 will has been released anytime this day while the AP Inter 2nd year results 2012 will be released on April 24, 2012. Check the site of the Board of Intermediate Education in Andhra Pradesh for updates at


The board conducts yearly examinations to students in the first year and second year levels anytime between March and April. In this year’s examination, 19 students took the examination both for the Junior (First year) and Senior (Second Year) levels. The AP Inter 1st year results 2012 and AP Intermediate 2nd year results 2012 will be released into two courses including general courses and vocational courses. The AP Inter 1st year results 2012 and AP Inter 2nd year results 2012 can be checked online or through SMS just by following these steps:

For AP Inter 1st year results 2012, you can check your results via the following:

For the general course, juts type APGEN1 plus your registration or roll number and send to 56263

For the vocational course, juts type APVOC1 plus your registration or roll number and send to 56263

For AP Intermediate 2nd year results 2012, you can check your results via the following:

For the general course, juts type APGEN2 plus your registration or roll number and send to 56263

For the vocational course, juts type APVOC2 plus your registration or roll number and send to 56263

The AP Inter 2nd year results 2012 will be released soon so updates should be checked regularly at the site. There may be huge traffic in the board’s site, so try to check other links to the exam results.

As for now, first year students can check the AP Inter 1st year results 2012. The AP Inter 2nd year results 2012 are still waiting to be released

ShopRicom Review- Cisco Catalyst VS-S720-10G-3C 6500 Series

If you are looking for the features and overview of Cisco Catalyst VS-S720-10G-3C 6500 Series Virtual Switching Supervisor Engine 720 with two 10 Gb Ethernet ports (sup 720 10g) and MSFC3 PFC3C, then your search ends here, as in this post I am going to write a full review of it.


VS-S720-10G-3C  Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Virtual Switching Supervisor Engine 720 with 10 Gigabit Ethernet comes with high density up links and scalable performance. System virtualization and increased throughput are also the part of this engine. This is the best engine so far from the Cisco and leave the older engines behind with the new forwarding engine. All three generations of Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series interfaces are supported on the VS-S720-10G-3C  Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Virtual Switching Supervisor Engine 720 with 10 Gigabit Ethernet. Lets have a look on the features that this engine has got in it.

  • It has two pluggable ports of Gigabit Ethernet Small Form. 10/100/1000 gigabit ports are also there to increase the flexibility. The supervisor throughput can be increased from 48 to 82 Mpps, because of its feature of activating all the links simultaneously. 450 Mpps for IPv4 traffic and 225 Mpps for IPv6 traffic is the performance that we can get on this new engine from cisco.
  • For high density access which becomes more useful in the LAN areas or backbone areas, it has the support of Two X2-based 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports.
  • Faster switchover to a standby supervisor than that of the previous cisco engines is offered in this new engine. Layer 2 and Layer 3 Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) VPNs, and Ethernet over MPLS (EoMPLS) are also offered by the new amazing hardware features of this engine.

Lots of prices are going over the internet of this engine, but you can get it at the best challenged price on All the engines ordered there are first checked carefully by the RICOM’s engineers and then are sent to your door step via a comfortable service. You will get the product in a very quick time along with the proper hardware packing and RICOM’s warranty as well. RICOM is the best cisco equipment’s and send you your ordered quantity at the lowest price. As the price of the engine keeps moving up and down daily, the best way to know about the current price is by visiting the or calling their customer care on the no.  800.997.800


New Wireless Headset Systems for the Office, PC and Bluetooth

Wireless headset systems for the office, computer and Bluetooth provide hands free communications to increase productivity.  Over the past few months there have been some great new wireless devices to surface in the industry including new features such as multi-connectivity.  Manufactures such as Plantronics and Jabra have come up with a way for a single wireless headset to connect to multiple devices such as desk phones, PC computers and now Bluetooth devices.  This breakthrough technology is changing the way businesses communicate in the office and call center.  Using a wireless headset is pure luxury and through this blog we will review some of the best new wireless headsets on the market.

Wireless Headset Systems

Earlier this year Plantronics released the new CS500 Series wireless office headsets and we must say they are over delivering at this point.  Including the new Plantronics CS510, CS520 and CS540 systems they are truly eye opening when you first see them.  Plantronics unveiled a new “All Black” design adding a luxurious touch for your office or call center.  There will be a fourth in the series with the Plantronics CS530 wireless headset but it has yet to be released.  With the new systems being released Plantronics discontinued most of their older systems such as the popular CS55, CS70N, CS351N and CS361N.  However there is a similar trend with the new wireless headsets when compared with the older models.  All of the new Plantronics CS500 series wireless headsets have been rebuild and designed after the first generation CS models.  When looking at the Plantronics CS510 you will find that the wearing style is exactly the same as the CS351N thus this is the model that replaced it.  Besides the new look most wonder what has really changed under the hood.  Plantronics unveiled a new 350 foot roaming range which is 50 feet greater than the older models.

The new Plantronics CS540 wireless headset has really caught the eye of consumers as retailers have been selling this model like mad.  Perhaps what is most appealing is the convertible design that features both over the head and over the ear wearing styles with an optional behind the neck band sold separately.  With the Plantronics CS540 replacing the popular CS55 it really had big shoes to fill as the CS55 is one of Plantronics all time best selling telephone headsets.  The Plantronics CS540 includes superior noise canceling technology as well as remote answering functionality with the HL10 lifter.  Built lightweight and durable ensures all day comfort also including a battery life of up to 7 hours of non stop talk time.  Any of the new Plantronics CS500 series wireless office headsets work excellent and are compatible with most desk phones.

The biggest news this year for Plantronics are the new Savi wireless headsets that can connect to the telephone, PC computer and now Bluetooth mobile phones. Always staying ahead of the curve Plantronics has introduced new technology allowing to use a single headset for all communication devices.  Included in the new Plantronics Savi family are the W710, W720, W730, W740 and W745 wireless headset systems.  The Plantronics W740 and W745 cordless headsets allow to change the battery while on a call which virtually give the systems unlimited talk time.  With all of the recent changes over the past few months we wonder what will Plantronics come out with next?  One thing for sure is Plantronics seems to be moving in the right direction with their new products and there is no wonder why they are the industry leaders in telecommunications.

Real Robots-Advances in Modern Robotics

It is truly amazing how modern technology has advanced at an almost alarming rate over the past ten years. One area in which it has advanced is robotics. There are now many uses for robotics within industry today and likely their involvement within industry will increase ever more as we continue to advance robotic capabilities in the near future.

industrial robot

Robotics Used Within Industry

Robots are used heavily in the automotive industry. They are mainly used on car assembly lines in order to join pieces of metal safely and securely. Being as robotic arms are extremely strong and durable they are able to piece together metal a lot quicker and faster than a human could.

Such jobs not only free up more workers to concentrate on other tasks but incorporating robots into the engineering process may also act as a safety precaution –  a robot piecing together heavy metal instead of a human ensures that heavy metal sheets do not fall onto a person leaving them badly injured.

Robots are also used in the welding industry in a very large capacity. Robots can be used for whole welding processes such as arc welding within the automotive industry. Robots can control a welding positioner and other welding equipment to a very precise level in order to get a quality, high standard finish every time. Using a robot in such processes also keeps humans out of harms way from complicated and potentially hazardous welding operations.

Robots used by NASA

Robots have also helped us as humans to discover parts of the galaxy and space that we would never have otherwise been able to explore. Famously, robots have been sent out to land on the surface of other planets and take pictures, collect rock samples and perform other operations that would not be possible for humans.

Nasa robot

The Future of Robotics

Many people fear that as robots continue to advance that they would soon replace the need for human workers at all. This however will never be the case – humans will always be needed to control the robots and to handle more manual processes that would be impossible for robots to do. Although robots can performs mindless operations once they have been programmed to do so it is not possible for robotic components to think for themselves.

Future of Robotics

In fact, instead of replacing human beings it is often the case that robots can work along with us in order to save more lives. For instance, robots are used by the military for a number of purposes that may be too difficult for humans. Robots can approach suspected bombs to disarm them or to take pictures so that humans have a better understanding of how to disarm them. Robots can also detect mines where humans cannot and can seek out human heat signatures in a building.

As technology in the field of robotics advances it is clear that humans will find new uses for robots that enable them to work alongside humans to help us achieve our goals, discover new and exciting planets and they may also help to save lives.

This post was written by James Harper on behalf of Westermans International.

Worst Ad Networks That You Should Aware Using

Howdy Friends, Hope you all are fine. Internet Technology is growing day by day and so the Websites are. Large no. of webmaster are registering new websites daily with hope to earn online. But when it comes to online earning the Ad-Network that comes into mind is not other than Google Adsense. But if look into Google policies and their process of banning accounts especially from India, then it looks like very strict with the webmasters, even strict than your teacher. After getting banned it’s very hard to get it again. So what all webmasters do is ,that they search for alternatives for Adsense. Many of the webmasters had posted about Adsense alternatives on their blogs already. But  I am going to post about the worst Ad Networks that should not be treated as Adsense alternatives ever.

1. Adbrite 

In the alternative list this is always found to be at the top position and some people even claim it better than Adsense. I tried Adbrite myself and  on the space where the ad code was pasted,I do not find any ads but An “Advertise Here Board”. It does not look like an ad network at all but it looks like a Ad Network which allows your visitors to place ad on your website.


The reason is quite obvious “Lack of Advertisers”. The Adbrite appears to have lack of advertisers at least for your newly created or small website. I Think Adbrite is responsible for the quote “Rich is getting Rich and Poor is Getting Poor”.

2. Chitika

Chitika is the next one. I have seen many users using their ads. So from these users Chitika appears to be the next alternative but again if you have small website then you also need to aware from this ad network. When I used their ad network the only ad I found on my websites was of  ““. Seems that they have only one Advertiser in their database.

3. Clicksor

Ad-Network with Good Alexa ranking and with a good no. of users but worst than above mentioned as well. They immediately approve your site and that’s why they are growing fastly but their ads make your Site speed low and visitors also treat your site as spam because the pop up keeps coming and it harass all the visitors. They even do not show Contextual ads and mostly ads are found to be adult ads. Even for each click they pay you pennies. So what is the benefit of going with this worst network? Do not decrease your site reputation with their so called “Contextual Ads”.

4. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is  another alternative suggested by webmasters but again similar to Chitika, Clicksor. I used their ads on my website and I was able to get a click on their ad from one of my website visitor from US. The money I got from that click was only .003$.I kept using it and after 40 clicks earning was . 50$.It means it will take 40 clicks to reach that earning which I can get from just one click in Adsense. So is it Adsense alternative????

5. Infolinks

It is in text advertising and turns the keywords to ads. It is used by the users along with Adsense. But the question is that should we use it if we do not have Adsense. The answer is no. First of all the CPC is worst. I t gave me an average CPC of .07 $ when I used it.

Earning is one factor to avoid using Infolinks but the other important factor is your SERP lose. Because it turns keywords to links so your site may be treated as spam by Godfather Google. Many webmaster had already claimed the same happening with their website.

Also some webmasters had even claimed their payment hold by infolinks. Rafay had posted about the game played by infolinks with him. So justify yourself, is it Adsense alternative?

6. Kontera

It is also in text advertising but following the steps of infolinks. No doubt when I used it,then I Found it better than infolinks, but the matter is about Adsense alternative. Kontera gave me average CPC of  0.10 $ but again not more than Adsense.

That’s it.

The list is based on my personal experience of the ad networks on my websites. I made this list so that you should not waste your time and most importantly the space on your website by these ad networks. If you do not have Adsense then I shall suggest you to keep patience and keep posting good content. If you have plenty of original content then is not any reason for Google to disapprove you. Also if you work within their policies than Google will be your best Friend.

7. Intent Click

It is new ad network about which I cam to know from the Facebook ad. I immediately opened their website with lots of hopes and with all those hope I joined the network as well. But when I used it I found it similar to other ones. I could not find any use of this ad network other than placing it on no.7 in this list. You may not have heard about this so far, because it is a new ad network with new promises as well. But is also like other fishes of Ad networks sea, which needs you to have majority of USA traffic to earn some bucks,

8 . Dynamic Oxygen

Honestly, I did not try it myself, but came to know about this ad network from one of my friend. He used it on his website and found it as a dull ad network and also suggested me to not to waste my time over it. So I did not try it and will suggest you also to not to waste your precious time on it. Because the other user reviews and popularity of the website are also witness of this truth face.


Earning money from blog is every blogger’s dream but these type of Ad network are spamming them by giving only few bucks for their hard earnings. It is only Google who knows the value of Blogger’s hard work. So better go for Adsense and use it according to their policies. If you are not getting approved for Google Adsense, then better is that you spend your time in creating great and valuable content and not in these type of cheap Ad Networks, which are so called the Adsense Alternatives.

5 Good Tips to Market Your E-Book Effectively

You’ve written your e-book and now you want people to read it. How can you market your e-book effectively? Here are 5 good tips to market your e-book effectively:

1. Make sure your content is high quality and valuable

The first and most important attraction of your e-book must be your content. There is no point in buying e-book if you don’t want to read the content, right? That’s why you have to make sure that your e-book is high quality and valuable. At least, the money you offered for your e-book must be equivalent with the value you give for your buyers. If you want to give more value to your customers, it is better for you. You can do it by over-delivering or reduce your price.


However, here are some things that are required for your e-book:

  • The content must be unique, or it must offer new idea on an existing topic.
  • The way you talk your idea must be interesting.
  • Your e-book must be able to help people to solve their problem.
  • The price you offer for your e-book must be equal or lower than the value you offer for your buyers.
  • The information must be complete. Your customers must not be required to buy other e-books in order to apply the suggestion offered in your e-book.

If you follow those requirements, you will have a high quality and valuable e-book ready to become a bestseller.

2. Use graphics optimally

Graphic-rich e-book is more appealing than plain-text e-book. Also, graphic will help you to illustrate your point better. That’s why you have to use graphics optimally to make your e-book more interesting to read. It will help you to effectively explain your points to your readers.

E-book that has lots of appealing graphics will be perceived as more valuable for your customers. Design your e-book so that it is graphically appealing. Make sure that your customers can understand your explanation better by looking at those graphics. Also, you can customize your header and footer in your e-book with custom graphic, instead of plain text. The next important thing to do with graphic is your e-book cover. It must be appealing enough so that people will be more interested to read your e-book.

3. Write effective sales copy for your e-Book

Your sales copy will determine whether you will be able to sell your e-book or not. Writing effective sales copy is a must. You have to know about the mindset of your potential customers. What is their main problem? Why they want to buy your product? What makes them feel that they must buy your product? What are their possible objections? How can your e-book help them to live better?  You have to answer all those questions in your sales copy.

4. Market your e-book with content marketing

Since you are selling an e-book, which means that you are selling content, it is better for you to promote your e-book using content marketing method. It is okay for you to try other marketing methods. However, content marketing should be your first priority. Why you need to market your e-book with content marketing? That’s because with content marketing, you can communicate better about your e-book to your target audience.

5. Put your e-book on Kindle

If you want to market your e-book to a broader audience, make sure to publish Kindle edition of your e-book so that Kindle users can buy your e-book. Not only this will increase your e-book sales, it will also help you to build your credibility as an author.

Those are 5 tips that you should apply in order to market your e-book effectively.

SMTP Service helps you Get Better Connectivity for your Best Growth

Are you disturbed by the continuous failure of your send-receive of emails? Do you feel that your business competitors are going ahead, just because of the inefficiency of your mail servers? Well, this can be a problematic situation for you, because having an error-free server connectivity is really an important factor for your business. If you are looking for an effective solution to come out from such disturbances, then you can surely rely upon SMTP service.

SMTP Service

Yes, an SMTP service is a great assurance for your business, when it comes to send bulk of emails to your clients, who live in the other parts of the countries.

Well, SMTP is the abbreviated form of the Smart Mail Transfer Protocol and when you install this server in your network, it is definitely of a great help.

SMTP server helps you stay better connected

Well, having an internet connection is just not enough, when you are running a business of your own, because you need to stay connected to your clients 24-hours-a-day. An SMTP server helps you do this in a better way.

SMTP server helps you get error free connectivity

When you are sending bulk of mails to your clients, it helps you get better results. It means, you can send and receive emails without any failure. Moreover, no matter what internet connection or what email addresses you are using, you can send emails incessantly.

SMTP server also makes the mobile connectivity better

SMTP servicealso helps you send emails from your cell phone or mobile, iPhone, netbook, Smartphoneand any other mobile devices, which has an internet access. If you want to send emails from your cell phone, it makes the mobile broadband or 3G connections and Wi-Fi hotspots work betterto help you send error-free emails.

SMTP service also comes with other advantages

  • You get to install the server in a better way.
  • Sometimes this server also comes with automatic virus scanning facilities.
  • It helps you avoid the emails from being blacklisted.
  • If you want, you can also take backup of all the emails you sent.
  • If any failure occurs, it gives you notificationsimmediately, so that you can take steps to resolve these issues.
  • It stops spam.
  • It provides an authentication to your ISP.

Therefore, you can see that an SMTP server is definitely an important part of your business, when you want to grow yourself in a better way.

How to go for an SMTP service?

  • Go to the start menu and click on the control panel.
  • Double-click upon the Add or Remove icon.
  • From the left side, left click upon Add or Remove Windows Components.
  • From this list, click on to the Application Server and then click on the Details.
  • From the Subcomponents of the list of the Application Server, click on to the Internet Information Services (IIS) and select the check box, where SMTP service is written.
  • Click tothe OK, Next and Finish Button successively and your installation of the SMTP server (IIS 6.0) will be finished.

Well, you can also go for the latest versions, to get better results in an easier way.

So, do not wait anymore and go for installing the SMTP service for your network, because better connectivity helps you grow better.

Google Sites Automatic Mobile Rendering for iOS

Google Sites is meant to publish your web pages for free, which people enjoy using it. The giant search engine is seen adding an automatic mobile rendering feature which helps you to make your website quite mobile phone friendly while you use any Android 2.2+ or iOS 3.0 based devices. With this new setting, you can see things better on your cellphone devices which will help you to adjust site automatically. This can be activated in the site management page where you will find the point pages getting designed for desktop viewing. In this way, you will be helped to display things in a much better web format. You are therefore not required to pinch your zoom buttons to read the content of the web pages.

Automatic Mobile Rendering for iOS

Automatic Mobile Rendering for iOS

For improved looking sites: The automatic mobile rendering which is seen getting added to Google Sites, you can be called as another element added to a plethora of features. When you just tick this feature, you can simply see the site getting adjusted to the mobile phones box in the manage site menu, thus helping your site content more readable on your smartphone using operating systems like Android 2.2 and its higher versions and or iOS 3.0 or greater versions. This has just appeared after the content addition feature seen working out via third party making things better and bigger for the Sites users.

Also, before implementing this feature for the sites, you can get the preview by setting it to a preview mode. This will therefore allow you to see how the results will appear on your cellphone device. Thus you can simply notice the inevitable enhancements like proper adjustment of width of the site as per your phone device’s page width, good alignment of page header layout and the top bar, along with proper management of sidebars.

Even the horizontal navigation of the site becomes smooth along with giving better shape to interaction and the dropdown links. So what more would the Android or iOS based users would aspire.

The added mobile versions: Google is also seen adding the mobile versions wherein you can see the site list, browse the various sites categories, sites search which can be easily accessed via your smartphones. You may not call this as something great; however, if you are running Google Site or any of your friends is using it, it would simply not hurt you or him to flip the switch on mobile device viewing, which will be certainly appreciated by your visitors. Anything which can make your sites easy to use on a mobile device can be certainly called as a good thing. In fact, after, Google Sites is the second one to add this instant activation features for its users to go through this priceless thing to achieve this functionality and thus get an edge. So the Sites users would also be able to include Google Docs videos into their websites which is certainly an easy way to connect your video creations to your websites.

You can see some dramatic and drastic changes taking place in the mobile web and the way people use content. At such juncture, it has become vital for the publishers to render a better mobile user experience. With this in mind, Google has added the Automatic Mobile Rendering feature in Google Sites. This addition has become prettier for the smartphone users who employ operating systems like Android 2.2 + or iOS 3.0. So now when any user visits the Google Sites website on any of these devices they can get a better view over their small and sleeker screens.

About the author: Margaret is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on environment and technology. Beside this she is fond of books. She recently bought a Reflecting Telescope. These days she is busy in writing an article on remote control.