Excellent SEO Tactics to Outrank Your Toughest Competitor in SERP

SEO Search Engine rankings are particularly responsible for high quality traffics on your website. If you don’t wish to spend much on advertising for traffic generation, go for a professional SEO reseller to do the needful. SEO marketing makes it exceptionally possible to attain high search engine ranking with minimal effort. If you have happened to fall into right hands, outranking your toughest competition would not be the art of affair at all.

Every business has to spend some of the other amounts of money for matching the Google algorithm alterations. SEO tactics help to overcome the competition and enhance the rate of traffic. However, it is important for all the people that who all are seeking for the SEO tactics to utilize in a way can get the solution here. Hopefully it will be helpful for all the people that who all are looking for the competitors to go ahead of them.

Here we are providing some of the SEO tactics that who all looking for a long time to know. Hope it will be useful for all the people when it comes to develop their business. So, the traffic is always essential for the people to develop

Some of the advanced SEO tactics are enlisted below

  1. Keep tracking the movement of your competitors – extinction of duplication is the only way through which you can achieve real success. You have to prove yourself better and different from what rest of the people having same business are doing. SEO reseller target at creating strategies for the best marketing plans. They do so it is discovering best keywords, contents and rich quality web pages. If your webpage comprises of the good quality answer, your pages automatically going to combat other competitors.
  2. Latent semantic indexing – Google always wants you to deliver genuine results to the seekers. Currently, Google is ensuring the uses of latent semantic indexing for crawling up your page. It expects particular terms for giving higher ranks to you. For this, the concept of inbound marketing must be clear to the web owners.
  3. Generation of landing pages for resolving vital queries- landing pages often termed as a standalone page for achieving better rankings. The standalone pages tend to form an important part of the existing website. However, they feature a slightly different content. They generally integrate blog post and special designs for superseding the competition.
  4. Mobile friendly website- Google is soon going to create different indexes for mobile and computer Based rankings. The websites which take less amount of time on getting loaded on handheld devices would be ranked higher. Hence you must have priorities that the overall loading time of your website on mobile devices is less.
  5. Informative content – once you have integrated landing page as the core SEO strategy, make sure that your content on that page is fully informative. The best would be to use at least 1800 – 2100 words for attaining the topmost results in Google ranking.
  6. Generation of internal linking Framework – internal linking structure substantially matters in the attainment of high Google ranking. An internal link would or organize your website information into subcategories. The more organized your website is, the better would be your ranking.
  7. Quality content – Whenever you are going to post the content according to the niche, you need to follow the process like posting the quality stuff. It is considered to be the main thing that there is a possibility of bringing the traffic to your website. So, whenever the maintenance of website is done, you need to proceed always with the quality stuff to impress the viewers. It will help the website to get more traffic at a short span of time.
  8. Create mobile application – As we all know that the mobile applications play the major role among the people. If you are maintaining the site according to the respective niche, you need to create an app as well. Yes, we all know that the people have started to search for their needs through mobile only in recent days. So the application related to the site will help your site to get more traffic than you expected in a short period.

Apart from the above SEO tactics for combating the competition, you can go for long tail keyword, republishing of old blogs, link building, voice search amalgamation, and generating a strong social media presence. Once you learn to do everything correctly, high-quality website and content would automatically become your cup of tea. And once you reach the optimum level of quality, your Google page ranking will automatically soar high. To get top ranking among the competitors, you all just need to follow the above given stuff at anytime.

Idea reveals 10 GB free data offer in its 4G launch at Mumbai

Reliance Jio has certainly brought a revolution to Indian smartphone users with its free 4G service for more than six months a while ago. The other telcos are forced to give more offers and offer their services at a very low cost due to the Jio effect. Recently, a lot of Telco’s including Airtel, Vodafone and Idea came up with a lot of offers at reasonable prices for their consumers.

The country’s third largest telco Idea Cellular on Thursday said it has completed its 4G rollout by adding the important Mumbai circle.With the market being filled with aggressive offerings since the launch of Reliance Jio last year, Idea Cellular said it will be giving 10GB of 4G data free to its existing and new customers for the first three months, which is of incredible value for its customers.

Idea with 10 GB free data offer in the 4G launch at Mumbai.

Idea 10 GB free data offer

The company will be competing against the likes of Bharti Airtel, Vodafone and Jio, which offer 4G in one of the biggest markets for Telco’s in the country.The services are in the 2100MHz spectrum band and it serves 4.4 million subscribers as of now in the Mumbai circle, commanding a 10.2 percent revenue market share, Idea said in a statement.

Idea extending 4G network:

“The company is upgrading most of its 2G network to high speed 4G LTE services and allow Mumbai residing individuals to experience world-class mobile broadband services,” the company’s head of the Mumbai circle, Pamesh Gupta, said at the ceremony.

With this, the Aditya Birla group company, which is set to be merged with British telecom giant and larger rival Vodafone’s India operations, has rolled out 4G services in all the 20 circles where it has acquired 4G spectrum.The company invested INR 7,800 crores in 2016-17 and has committed to invest another INR 6,000 crores in the ongoing FY18.

In other news, Idea Cellular has also launched 4G services in Asansol town in West Bengal. They plan to expand in the North-East. Plans are afoot to extend the services to other towns in the state including Darjeeling, Kalimpong, and Bankura.

Post the Asansol launch, Idea has expanded its 4G network in the state to 100 towns that include Durgapur, Siliguri, Kharagpur, Berhampur and Medinipur.

The telco had begun rolling out its high speed Internet service (4G) from March 6 onwards with launches in towns such as Bardhaman, Krishnanagar and Arambagh. All these places fall under the ‘Rest of Bengal’ telecom circle. In telecom parlance, Kolkata and the rest of Bengal are considered two separate service zones.

Speaking about the launch of 4G Services in Asansol, Anish Roy, COO – Corporate, Idea Cellular, said the telco has been consistently investing on network expansion to become a Pan-India wireless broadband operator.

“Idea has grown to become the third largest operator in West Bengal in the shortest span of time, on the back of rapid network expansion and growth in market share,” Roy was quoted as per a release issued by Idea.

Top 7 Ways to Grow your eCommerce Sales

It is very important for any website to have a marketing plan in place to get sales going. When we talk about eCommerce store it is must have a marketing plan to make sure your website get traffic and sales. You need to try different online marketing tactics in order to figure out which one works for you the best. Like it or not selling a product online can take the majority of your time. You need to focus on how to attract new site visitors and how to convince them to buy a product from your eCommerce store. Here I have compiled a few good ideas to take ways and experiment with. There are a lot of different ways to market an online store and doing them all right can be a quite a bit of challenge. So try of few of them and see what works for you the best.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a must for any website. When we talk about eCommerce, SEO can provide your lots of free traffic to your store. The more optimized your store for SEO the better chances that your page will rank higher on an eCommerce store. There are many elements like website load speed, meta description, meta tags, page titles, outbound links etc. can affect your website’s SEO. It’s great to have all these things in proper order to rank your website higher.

Content Marketing

Creating quality content and marketing on the social media can increase brand awareness and engagement on your eCommerce store.  With good content, you can also rank on organic ranking in search engines and that will give you free traffic to your website. Insightful content also drives lots of traffic to the website and increase user engagement.

Intelligently place CTA( Call to Action) button

Having a sense of urgency to a product influence a customer to make a purchase.  Direct and creative call to relatively short and clear call to action with a crisp message can encourage website visitor to make a purchase or subscribe for an email. Adding action which says “subscribe now”, “buy now” works best.

Customer Reviews

Positive customer review makes a huge difference on the purchasing decision of the site visitor. More than 50% of the customer read product reviews given by the previous purchaser.  Positive customer review also gives your edge from the SEO perspective.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still a most effective way to market your eCommerce store. Starting eCommerce mailing list is the best way to reach out the people who have shown interest in the products that you have on the website. You just need to make sure you are capturing email of the website visitor. The more easy the email capturing process the more email that will be captured.

mCommerce Optimization

Many visitors of the eCommerce website might come from mobile devices. According to IBM,  this black  Friday week, 26% of all online sales were made from mobile devices. Mobile commerce is the upcoming trend and you need to make your store mobile ready. From using simple mobile payment processing to testing pages for checkout, mCommerce optimization is must since mobile adoption rates is increasing rapidly.

Shorten Checkout Process

Checkout process should not be very lengthy, in order to get more conversion your eCommerce site.  Never sacrifice security through and always assure the customer that their details are safe. In order to get this thing going, we need to keep in mind that shorter checkout process will add the mCommerce optimization.

Focus 80% of effort on your Best Products

According to Pareto’s Law , it’s likely that 80% of profit are derived from 20% of products. By focusing on the small number of product which are most profitable and have more sales can help you achieve exponential growth.

Social Media Promotion

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest can drive you lot of free traffic.  Run a sweepstakes or contacts on Facebook to get new email subscribers, tweet about your special & new products, and expand your followers and fans.  Promote your eCommerce website on the social media and get more traffic to your website.

Author Bio:

Gaurav Kanabar is the Director of Alphanso Tech, a globally acknowledged IT consulting company providing the services in the arena of the WordPress Web Development. With the immense support from the adroit team, Alphanso Tech has been serving a huge client base worldwide.

7 Useful SEO Marketing Tips for commercial websites

Marketing is the main theme of a corporation and production in companies. Marketing such a good product using commercial websites by following good tips to market it throughout SEO drives a huge consumer in nature. So, we listed out top 7 useful seo marketing tips for commercial websites below.

seo marketing

Social Media Marketing

Marketing your product through social media could be a potential way of driving a huge consumers to your product/site. There are hundreds of social media networks and social bookmarking sites to get used for the promotion of your product. This is the most advisable marketing technique to be used for getting millions of real humans as potential consumers.

Article Directories Submission

Press releasing about your product and submitting it over to the thousands of high quality and high page ranked article directories would be helpful to market your seo because of placing your byline link inside the article.

Keywords Optimization

Just marketing your product using your site isn’t just enough to good seo marketing, it is also required to consider for top #1 higher rankings in Search Engine Results Page (SERP), for example, you’re selling a computer mouse but there are lots of competition but you want to rank #1 for getting more sales, here you have to optimize your keywords where others don’t. Add a keyword such as “Buy low-cost computer mouse online” etc. Using your creativeness helps to make some huge sales than ordinary.

Business Listing

Business listing is a simple and professional step of marketing, by doing this, you would get more priority on search engine results page. This listing also will make your site and product trustworthy and helps to get some good amount of consumers regularly due to the fact of their believes on the product and support.


Giveaway some sample of your products to high authorized blogs and ask them to review about the product, Here you get a good exposure on search engines and potential consumers from the audience of high authorized blogs. It is good and trending tips for commercial websites marketing.


Brand your products for the better search engine optimization marketing of your commercial websites. The step here you take is the most valuable and self-proclaiming your product for the good and decent way of marketing technique. Search engines are always ever-friendly to branded products rather than ordinary piece of products.

Policy Setup

Never give up your quality and deserving rate of the product. Setup some set of quality to comply with beneficiary for both of marketer and end-users. Index this page and getting a sitelinks on Google and other SERP is the good way of marketing for the corporate websites. Most of the search engines also expects this action from high quality branded commercial sites for giving them a good preference before the optimization of search engine marketing in results page.

The above mentioned useful top 7 tips are for good kind of SEO marketing tips for commercial websites. Kindly share it throughout social media networks for letting your friends know about this article.

Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Marketing Services

Running a business is a great challenge, since a high percentage of firms reach bankruptcy in the first year. One has to find efficient ways to promote the company’s products or services, and things are twice as hard when you don’t know much about marketing. Online marketing is preferred by the majority of businesses because of the low costs involved and effective results.

Should you do it yourself?

If you don’t have proper knowledge about Internet marketing, you have two options. You either take the time to study, being willing to learn from your mistakes, or you hire someone who makes a living out of Internet marketing, but this will cost you in the short run. However, in the long run most business owners discover this was money well spent.

Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Marketing Services

Img: http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/File:Marketing_Solutions.jpg

One expert vs. a team of experts

Once you decide that you need professional assistance with your marketing strategy, you have one more decision to make: Should you hire one expert or a marketing agency? The advantage of hiring only one person relates to costs. It is cheaper to hire one person than an entire agency. Still, the second approach offers a quality advantage, assuming that you are fortunate enough to find a reliable agency. One man can’t accomplish the things that a team of skilled people can.

In UK marketing companies, each team is assigned a specific project that matches the skills and knowledge of that particular team. There most probably is no one person who can market companies in all industries equally well. Expert marketers who work alone can seldom afford to take projects in only one industry and specialise in one niche. Therefore, you would probably end up hiring someone who thinks he can do it all but he rarely has a  particular area of expertise.

Not all industries are the same, so it is obvious why you need different strategies. The more a person works in one specific niche, the better the strategies he or she creates. Taking projects in any niche only according to available job positions often results in merely average strategies for each industry and no real expertise.

Compiling a list of agencies

If you decide that hiring a marketing agency suits your business goals, it’s time you look at a bunch of them to compare advantages and disadvantages. First of all, establish a budget. Some companies only target large businesses, so a small one is unlikely to be able to afford their services. Now, look for agencies that fit your budget. Start reading forums and review sites. Ask your niche peers, and you may be fortunate enough to receive a few good suggestions.

After you have a list of 5-6 potential agencies, it’s time you evaluate their sites. Do they have a testimonial section? How much experience do they have in your niche? Does the agency come up with a strategy or they will they only implement your plan? Does their portfolio impress you? What are the necessary costs and how much time does it take to achieve results? Do they combine several marketing channels? You have to answer all these questions before taking a final decision.

In conclusion, a marketing agency with experience in your particular niche is preferred and should fit your budget, goals, and expectations.

Convergence of e-Commerce & Publishing Update the Rules of the SEO Game

Let’s face it: across the advertising and marketing board, advertising space simply isn’t worth what it used to be in this day and age. Not only are advertisements more expensive to shop for in the world of ‘old media’, such as television and the printed press, but, it seems that, by all accounts, they are much less effective in guaranteeing that the ‘advertisee’ will be getting their money’s worth. In other words, ads are now tougher to sell than ever – and if you thought the situation is any different when it comes to digital ad space, then the latest developments in the industry will prove you wrong.

Rules of the SEO Game

When it comes to advertising on online platforms, it seems that Google’s latest updates, Panda included, are all pointing to one and the same reality. On the one hand, publishing platforms are being faced with the need to promote e-commerce offers. On the other, e-commerce platforms are now being faced with the consequences of the latest Google algorithm updates regarding the quality of the content on their pages. Many pages on commercial websites are insubstantial when it comes to content, which, on first glance, makes the marriage of publishers and e-commerce shops one that was made in heaven.

One of the most self-evident consequences of this merger between two types of website, which had been previously seen as incompatible, is that the world of internet content seems to be headed toward more compactness. With the lines between selling products and publishing content becoming increasingly blurry, it only makes sense that it would also come to affect the SEO industry and the considerations according to which its principles are implemented. Here are three aspects to bear in mind, both for publishers that create content for commercial websites, as well as for e-commerce platforms choosing topromote themselves via publishing websites.

  • Publishers need to figure out a smart way to integrate commercial content on their subdomains or into their subdirectories. This is because such a measure can instantly translate into a large volume of pages weak in content. And this, in turn, will obviously mean weakening the overall quality of the publishing website. As a matter of fact, this would be a surefire way to render a previously solid site, with quality content, as an upcoming  candidate on Google’s SERP demotion page.
  • Affiliate Management is also something that needs to be properly handled. While their presence will most likely not help the publishing platform from a SEO perspective, there certainly exist good and bad ways of inserting affiliate links within written content, be that content an article, a guide, a ‘how-to’ list, or anything else of the sort.

Whether a publishing site starts directly promoting an e-commerce platform, or it implements a similar campaign via affiliation, it’s important that this does not translate as a negative in the eyes of the search engines’ algorithms. In other words, it is very important that the brands promoted are trustworthy, so that users don’t perceive the promotional activities as detrimental to the overall quality of the content on the website. Once that’s taken care of, chances are the search engines will follow in tow.

How Internet Marketing Will Grow Your Business

Every business owner wants their business to grow, though many of them have not heard of Internet marketing. Whether your business is large or small, though, this method of marketing will help bring in new customers by making them aware of your business when they might not otherwise have been. Using the web is scary for some business owners, but it can bring in people from far and wide.

How Internet Marketing Will Grow Your Business


People use the term “Internet marketing” to refer to any number of techniques for generating leads and/or sales on the Web. The ideas discussed here are a few very simple, basic, and straightforward ways that any business owner can use to develop a presence online and begin to see his business improve. As you learn more about Internet marketing, you may find more things that you want to do.

If you do nothing else online, you should have a website for your business. Make sure that this isn’t something you throw together in a few minutes using a template you find for free, though. Remember that this site represents your business online, so make it professional, easy to use, and nice to look at. If you don’t want to take the time to learn how to do this yourself, hire a web developer and a designer to do it for you.

If you want to take one more step into the world of Internet marketing, try optimizing your website for search engines. This means tweaking the code and the text to make sure that it shows up as high as possible in the list of results when people search for certain keywords. If this sounds like too much for you, given how busy you are running your business, there are professionals who specialize in it and will do it for you.

When your website is functioning well and showing up high in search engine listings, it’s time to start placing advertisements online. Start by finding blogs and forums that serve the people who are looking for your products. See if you can purchase some advertising space on those pages. You can also pay to have your ads show up when people search for certain terms.

Once you’ve done these three things, you should find your business growing. After all, when you have a presence online, people from far away will be able to see what you have to offer. Then, they can get in touch with you to buy your products.

Best SSL Certificate Provider – ClickSSL.com

Security is a level of resistance that protects from harm. Security can be of many types like goods security, online security, airport security, PC security. Without security, your asset will become defenseless or vulnerable. Here, we are talking about online security that secures transactions between user’s browser and the server. Such security is called SSL (secure socket layer) protocol that uses strong cryptography to encrypt and decrypt the information.Many certificate authorities issue SSL certificate for your online safety. Now let us focus on one of the well-known SSL provider (ClickSSL) that has years of experience in providing better products and service.

Best SSL Certificate Provide

About ClickSSL

ClickSSL is a leading and trustworthy SSL Certificate provider. The ClickSSL’s headquarter is in Delaware, United States. ClickSSL is a platinum partner of renowned authorities like RapidSSL, GeoTrust, Thawte, and Symantec. ClickSSL provides utmost satisfaction to its customers by offering the best SSL products to them. ClickSSL has a diversified product portfolio that suits the need of every organization, corporates, firms, individuals, etc.

Standard SSL Brands

ClickSSL never compromises about SSL brand and keeps a motive to provide the highest encryption to its current and potential clients. As we discuss, ClickSSL deals with four trusted brands that already achieved acme position in SSL industry.

  • Symantec: The most used SSL product by corporate and other bodies that place your website in secure environments that attacker cannot intercept your confidential information. Symantec SSL solution helps people ranging from consumers and small businesses to the largest global organizations and corporate.
  • GeoTrust: GeoTrust is chosen by world’s busiest websites. There are more than 150 countries’ people trust GeoTrust and have a portfolio of approx. 100K clients. The object of GeoTrust is to maximize the security to secure online transactions and thereby provide relief to clients. GeoTrust works with the latest technology equipped digital certificate.
  • Thawte: Thawte possesses global reputation with having a 17 years record as a SSL Certificate Authority. You can rely on experience that Thawte got since its inception. Diversified SSL products like EV, DV, OV, SGC, Wildcard, SAN, etc. provide the highest satisfaction to clients. It has a streamlined process of certificate management that keeps track of SSL certificates in one place.
  • RapidSSL: RapidSSL has years of experience in providing robust encrypted SSL certificate. The main category of RapidSSL is RapidSSL certificate and RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate that is mostly believed by online business clients. The customer driven policy that RapidSSL implement has achieved its market value in online business.

Expanded Products

ClickSSL has a large diversified product group that serves the best quality cryptography product around th world.These products carry the best customer support, affordable price, strong encryption, and understanding of the organization need.

  • Domain Validation Certificate: The primary level domain certificate can be easily obtained without any document formalities. Many organizations need this certificate due to its fast processing and cost efficient features.Domain Certificate verifies only the ownership of the domain so; it requires no legal documents submission.
  • Organization Validation: With this certificate, the site owner has a scope to validate his business identity. It contains the verification of the official name of the organization and its location. This certificate establishes trust among your clients. The user will be confident while giving his confidential information to the website owner.
  • Wildcard Certificate: A cost effective way to secure your multiple sub domains that enables your online transactions with up to 256-bit encryption. The website owner will not have to purchase extra certificate for each domain. The certificate also carries a fast installation with two-step validation.
  • EV SSL: It is a certificate that carries a green address bar that shows the highest authenticity to customers. EV certificate can be issued on the specified criteria like identity verification of the certificate requestor. EV SSL helps in maximizing website traffic when people see the green address bar.
  • SAN Certificate: SAN Certificate has the ability to secure more than 25 domains, IP, and private servers with a single certificate. A cost efficient certificate that deals with robust encryption makes your browser more secure and help in enhancing the traffic of your website.
  • SGC Certificate: SGC enables your old browser to match with high encryption. Old browsers that are capable of handling low encryption can become strong with SGC Certificate. This certificate also covers domain and business validation therefore; website owner will get dual benefit in this way.
  • Code Signing Certificate: Code signing certificate offers trust to your customer who isthe purchaser of your software product. This certificate offers authenticity about software code to users that the code is not compromised or altered.
  • Scanning Product: It includes anti malware products that daily check the status of malware on your website. It can identify malware and fix them immediately. It can identify both familiar and potential malware and offers relief to both customers and the website owner.


Support & Service

ClickSSL carries a great service support for its customers. ClickSSL supports through email and live chat option is available by 24/7hours. ClickSSL also offers online query solution for instant response and customers can give feedback in the feedback forum that is listed on the website.

Coupons and Deals:

ClickSSL frequently announces various promo and discount offers for its diversified SSL products for its current and potential clients. You can find discount offers on ClickSSL.

Why Choose ClickSSL?

ClickSSL has an expanded portfolio of SSL products with instant customer service support. The customer centric policy on which ClickSSL is working is the best in the industry. Their SSL solution brings confidence in customers and of course provides relief to organizations. ClickSSL also has a low cost certificate that is suitable for low-sized and medium sized business. Client can get an instant solution for his query thorough 24/7 live chat support.

Final Conclusion

As we discussed, there are different features of ClickSSL that can easily attract any person who want to secure his website with SSL certificate. If you want to purchase SSL certificate of any category, you should observe the above points. ClickSSL has all the features that a buyer wants.

Benefits of outsourcing IT Support

When it comes to IT support, getting the best deal out of the market is really important. This means that considering all options and researching to find the best solution for the state of things can make the whole difference between the chosen methods of ensuring this task. Any company which wishes to thrive needs to take this decision while knowing all the proper insights and the consequences of outsourcing the service. It is normal for all companies to grow and extend the network of clients so outsourcing could mean a whole series of advantages when it comes to supporting this increase.

it-supportFocusing on the right things

When the IT support is outsourced, the mother company has time to focus on what is really important. In that case the activities will be centered on things that can make money, not on how to repair this or that. The whole IT technology is growing faster today than ever and keeping things in line with the industry might be a sort of a challenge. This could involve supplementary work and payments for everyone and in many cases a company alone cannot keep itself updated for a lot period of time. This is when the problem of outsourcing get into business and the third party option will work out just perfectly. Anyhow there are not too greater sacrifices to make if the company is to be successful at a certain point in its life.

The cheaper solution

Believe it or not, outsourcing IT services may turn out to be cheaper than having it all happening in your company. In many cases a constant IT support present inside the company is too expensive in terms of people and materials. In that case reducing the costs should be the primary way to make things worth in a period of crisis. The services which people from another place or country may offer, could be less expensive than if you were to hire someone to permanently stay in the company and help things out. In many cases, some departments require a lot of financial resources. This can be very bad for the entire economy of the company so the only way to reduce these costs is to outsource the service. In that way, the projects needed or the entire department job can be put on a certain budget which will remain the same. The outsourcing can lead to that kind of economy and also to project done with greater proficiency and professionalism.

It is important to have the company covered all the time. Sometimes the permanent staff goes on holiday and there cannot be relied on them for certain projects. Hiring someone else during that time is totally counterproductive, so the best thing would be to split the job into projects and give it to outsourcing third parties. In many cases, this solution can supplement an entire department and can cut down the costs of hiring some new people for a certain period of time and without knowing whether they have all the skills in demand.

How to increase your Google page speed score?

Page Speed is a Google plug-in that allows developers to analyze their websites, rate their performance in terms of a score and optimize them. This is done by testing how much average time a webpage of the website takes to load, which is the duration from the user requesting a page to it being fully rendered by the browser. The quantitative measure of this load time is the Page Speed score, expressed on a scale from 1 to 100; 100 being the most ideal. Google Page Speed works on Chrome, Firefox and any other browser by using a version of WebKit installed on a server.

Google page speed

This set of tools also identifies which of the front-end best practices for web performance are applicable to the website being tested. This website optimization leads to better viewer engagement, which eventually leads to retention and customer conversion. Here are some useful tips on how the Google Page Speed score can be improved.

Optimization of Cache

Static web page resources like image files, CSS files and Java scripts should be cached to keep them off the network as much as possible. This is achieved as follows:

  • Leverage the browser caching by including an expiry date within the HTTP header, so that all static resources that were previously downloaded are taken from the local disk
  • Leverage the proxy caching, so that the browser downloads resources from a proxy server in proximity rather than the remote server.

The other advantage of optimized caching is reduced bandwidth, which brings down the costs of hosting the website.

Data Compression over the Network

HTTP requests from the client involve uploading of cookies and other data which is an overhead in terms of size. This in turn triggers the sending or responses, downloads and cached pages, all of which increase payload size traveling over the network. It also means longer round-trip time of client requests and server responses moving over the network. It is obvious that a higher number of HTTP requests contribute to webpage latency; it can be reduced in the following ways:

  • Remove unnecessary bytes from HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes; this is called minification
  • Defer the loading of JavaScript
  • Serve resources from a consistent URL
  • Reduce HTTP requests by optimized caching

Optimized Page rendering of Browser

Even if resources are optimally downloaded to the client, performance on the client side still needs to be enhanced by proper formatting of HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes, so that the browser can load, interpret and render them easier and faster. Ways to improving the browser’s layout of a page include:

  • Avoiding CSS expressions as far as possible
  • Using efficient CSS selectors
  • Moving inline style blocks and link elements to the document header
  • Specifying image dimensions and HTML character sets

One or more of these tips which are applicable to the website being tested should be employed for a better web performance. This can be re-tested and proven with a higher Google PageSpeed score. Although a new website still under construction cannot be tested through PageSpeed, these tips can still be applied to the development process, so that PageSpeed testing done once the website is ready will give a high score the first time round.