Different Varieties of Temple Run Game

Temple run game stands for or corresponds to be a symbol of inexorable fun. Temple run game appears to be an amazing potpourri. The more you look into the depth of it the more you get engrossed and heavily immersed in this game. No matter how hard you try it would not be very difficult to seize the oomph factor of the game. The game is inexplsicably hot and it does offer you a spate of amusing moments. Here is an inside scoop of the Different varieties of temple run game.

When we come to talk about or closely reflect on the temple run game as well as the different varieties of the game we must not miss out on the real paraphernalia. Here is some of the most interesting as well as most enjoyable gaming options that kind of keep the fun show go on.

If you are going to take a very close look at the wide as well as surprising range of collections in shape of the divergent varieties then you are sure to be taken aback.   With the intention being cozy with the paraphernalia of the game itself you should be able to have a close peep at the poles apart variations such as temple guardian, run online, river wars, temple run 2, temple of TAS ran, temple run brave, dino panic run, dirt bike 2 as well as other variations. The rush as well as the fun of the game is astounding. Action adventures happen to be at their level best when you have a propensity to take the gratification of the game.

So in a nutshell it was all about the famed as well as the most exciting varieties of temple run game. You bet you are going to be awed as well as feel inspired enough to be a part of the amazing stuff for sure. There is no denying that temple run game is absolute as well as persistent fun option. You are going to have all the fun and you are going to end up very happy with the game. In order to encompass unlimited fun all you have to do is to learn the ways of these interesting games. Check out the sites that deal with the surprising games. So be in love with the games, download the games, play it online and play it for free.

What are the Advantages of Buying Used Video Games?

Gaming is an expensive hobby. With the average brand new release title costing around £40, it’s fair to say that most people who play computer games on a regular basis generally feel pretty skint. Then there’s the question of how much the next-generation consoles, such as the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, are going to price their games at. It’s likely we’ll be seeing all-time highs in terms of cost.

One relief for gamers then is the second-hand market. When Microsoft announced that they were going to get rid of the ability to play games second hand, it caused such a huge uproar that they quickly backtracked on their decision. So what are the advantages of buying used video games over brand new ones?


Much cheaper than buying new

The most obvious point is that they are far cheaper to purchase in stores. It’s not uncommon for a relatively new title to be seen at around 30-50% lower than the same game which still has the shrink wrap in place, whilst older games can be picked up for a matter of pounds of consoles like the PS3 and Xbox 360 currently. You’ll also find that if a store has lots of copies of one particular game, they will lower the price of it even more in order to shift the excess copies.

No difference to the actual gameplay

While it’s nice to have a brand new, un-played version of the latest game, there’s not actually any difference in the gameplay experience if you buy a used copy. Yes, the case may be a little bit scuffed in places, but once you pop the disc into the front of the console there’s absolutely no chance that you would be able to tell any difference as to whether it was brand new or not, so why spend the extra money?

Come with the same guarantee as a new purchase

If you buy a used game from a store which does trade-ins, then you will receive the same rights to a refund if it has any faults than you would if you were to buy the game brand new. In most cases this will be a year from the date of purchase, though it is worth checking with the store beforehand. However, all will be required to offer some form of guarantee that the item has been checked and is in a playable, working condition.

Can always trade it back in once you’ve finished

Stores which sell used games will, more often than not, also allow you to trade in the games you have played in exchange for credit off a new game, or perhaps even some cash. Therefore, there’s no reason why you cannot sell your used games back to the store you bought it from and get something else for even cheaper than the price given on the shelves. This allows you to try out lots of different games for a fraction of the cost of buying them new.

If you liked Nintendo’s 2012 games, put these on your shopping list

Whether you’re a Wii U, Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 3DS XL gamer, there are loads of things to look forward to in 2013. Last year there were action, adventure, puzzle and even zombie games to suit every taste. But if you liked some of those, what should you be adding to your shopping list over the next few months?

Here is a look at a few titles which might tickle your fancy if you enjoyed some of the best 2012 releases.

Nintendo Land – The Wonderful 101

Nintendo Land was a fantastic way to introduce gamers to Wii U as it was fun and had an original premise to challenge gamers, set across multiple familiar universes. In The Wonderful 101, you’ll get an equally unique proposition in that you’ll be challenged to train a team of 100 superheroes to save the world from evil.

New Super Mario Bros. U – Rayman Legends

If you love the fast, frenetic platform action of the Super Mario games that were released last year, then look no further than Rayman Legends. Like New Super Mario Bros. U, Wii U gamers can play in up to five-player co-operative mode – or play alone using the Wii U GamePad when their main screen is in use.

Mario Tennis Open – Mario Golf World Tour

Mario Tennis Open brought some of our favourite Mushroom Kingdom characters to the stage once more for a little cartoon sports acti0n – and Mario Golf World Tour aims to do the same. Developed by Camelot – the same team that brought Mario Tennis Open to the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL in 2012 – this one looks set to arrive across Europe in summer.

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask – Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies

If you love Professor Layton games you’ll probably already be champing at the bit to get your hands on the reported 500 puzzles of Azran Legacies. As yet, the game has no European release date set and goes on sale in Japan from February 28th. However, as it chronologically completes the ‘double trilogy’ timeline of the other five games, it looks fairly certain we’ll get it before the year is out!

With all the above in mind, it’s a big year for both of Nintendo’s platforms – but is there something else you are eagerly awaiting an announcement on?

Top 5 Upcoming PS3 Games Yet to be Launched in 2012

Do you owe PlayStation 3? Well then, you must be very well interested in playing various kinds of PS3 games. It is a total different experience when it comes to playing on PS3. So, are you looking for some new PS3 games 2012? Well then, do read on as the article reveals the top 5 upcoming PS3 games to be released in 2012.

Bioshock Infinite

PS3 Games For 2012

Get ready to assume the character of a private detective whose mission is to rescue a mystifying lady called Elizabeth who possesses more powers that are not comprehensible by any human being. Similar to the actual Bioshock, this version is actually a review of modern society wherein jingoism is all set to destroy it. America’s downfall is attributed to immigrants, instead of the wicked rulers. Starting the journey from the flying town of Columbia, you end up entering into a relationship with the lady, which is believed to be most remarkable.

The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man

Yes! The web-crawler is back for offering a thrilling adventure that will make you recall the Spider-Man series. The game will feature the evolutionary enhancements to battle and navigation, as the new Spider-Man dives into an all-new action for defending Manhattan from several sinners. However, the attractive feature will be the novel Web Rush that will allow you to succeed in making several moves, which were impossible before. You will surely experience of what it takes to be a Super Hero!



This is one of the action PS3 games that will be released exclusively for PS3. It is a dungeon survival RPG play wherein the additional but randomly generated dungeons offer you better plunders. As a player, you can fully tailor the characters, tools, and job classes along with one’s own looks by importing images that get automatically converted into playable characters. By the way, the world that you will be stepping into has lost science and that the people have a fear of curses and magic spells.

LittleBigPlanet Karting

LittleBigPlanet Karting

Join in to enjoy the kart racing adventure where Sackboy and Sackgirl accompany you! Personalize Sackboy and karts; design your own experience, weapons, rules, and tracks with the new editor tools; fuel your engines; and face the friends and enemies in great battles for protecting the Craftworld universe. Get ready to be a part of a fast-paced karting battle that is packed with intense racing and ultra-competitive arenas, and beyond them, are the more thrilling driving outings such as missions and mini-games. The environment is wild and open! If you manage to win, you will feel proud to share that with others via the PlayStation Network.

Skylanders Giants

Skylanders Giants

Consider this to be the next Skylanders Spyro Adventure! Although boasting all the originals, the game’s creative and cross-platform toy characters are now intelligent that can be brought to life magically in Skylands. You can expect several new characters, new adventures, and 16 more collectible figures. So, be prepared to step into an epic virtual world whose toy sets are fully backwards-compatible while upgrading the overall fun experience.

Top 5 Free iOS Games

iOS is the number one operating system for mobile phone users as it provides really great quality, large app support and has always been the first choice of teenagers. There are both kinds of applications in iOS – Paid and Free. You get a lot of variety in both of these types but free games are always preferred over the paid ones because you don’t have to pay the money out of your pocket. But finding great free games is really tough. Don’t worry, we have compiled up the list of top 5 free iOS games for you and the list goes like this –

Draw Something Free

iOS Games

Draw Something Free is an amazing game. The game has got some really good challenges for people who have the talent of drawing things. Even if you don’t have this talent, you can use this free game to dwell that talent in you. Draw Something Free, as the name suggests, is completely free.

Move the Box

Move the Box is an amazing enigmatic game. Move the Box is something like Jewels(Game) but in this case you have to move the boxes instead of the jewels. You have to align the similar kinds of boxes in a line and as soon as you do it, all of them burst up and you go to the next level. The game gets really challenging with each level.

Police Chase Smash

Police Chase Smash is a 3D game with quite nice graphics. The game is quite simple; you have to keep moving in a two-way lane dodging cars. You get to get bonuses in your way and what ultimately what you have to do is to chase down the suspect. The game gets more exciting as the level keeps coming up.

Blosics Free

Blosics Free is a kind of free version of Angry Birds but it gets more exciting than Angry Birds as you keep completing the levels. Blosics Free is currently available on iPhones and iPad and is a worth trying game. Likewise Angry Birds, Blosics Free too is a physics-centric game.

Words With Friends

Words With Friends is the game specially designed to increase your vocabulary. This game requires two player for starting up. Words With Friends is quite simple but requires a lot of your intelligence. You have to add words to the tablet to make news words. That’s how it goes on, and likewise other games this game too becomes difficult with time.

MineCraft-a game for Android

About the Game

MineCraft is really fabulous game created by Markus Persson and by his company Mojang. The game is written in Java environment.  It is a sandbox video game in which main theme of the game moves around mining into the ground to find various metals, ores and materials, Crafting and melting the materials and structuring all sorts of fantastic buildings and structures.  In dark areas or during night,  you need to light these dark  areas because enemies called mobs come out at night and spawn come out  in dark areas, so you’ll need to keep yourself armed with bows, arrows, and swords along with armor and torches. If you play game you feel like a virtual Lego world with aspects of Doodle God.


minecraft for andriod

Modes of Game

The Game follows three modes, which is as follows:

  • Survival Mode
  • Hardcore Mode
  • Creative Mode

The player moves across the terrain having various land part. The whole game follows 24-hour cycle; Player encounters various mobs throughout the way. During the daytime, Player hunts non-hostile animal spawn for food and crafting materials. During the night or in dark areas, Hostile monsters will spawn.

Survival Mode

Survival Mode is the very first mode in the game, in this mode player has to maintain its Health bar as well as its Hunger bar. It’s a very struggling mode in the game. In this mode, Player can collect all resources and structure buildings as well as can discover lands. During the whole procedure, Player have to maintain its health bar because health bar depletes on falling into lava or due to any environmental damage also it depletes by attacks from monsters. Hunger bar can be refilled by periodically eating foods, breads and other eating materials.

Armor is used to kill mob and weapons is used to kill enemies and other dangerous animals. Player health refills when it has full hunger bar as well as it handles difficulties easily with any damage. The player can obtain different resources and craft tools, weapons, armor, food, and various other items to make more effective items.

Creative Mode

As the name suggest, you have to show your creativity in this mode by employing boundless resources through inventory menu. In this mode, player does not take any environmental damage or mob damage also player is not affected by hunger and can fly freely everywhere in the game world. All creatures in the game will still spawn but they will not harm the player.

At last, a “primary win condition” is another criterion for getting an end. This is achieved by reaching an alternate dimension known as “The End” and beating the deadly “Enderdragon” that flies around the map.

Version and Platform of the game

On May 17, 2009 an alpha version released and On December 20, 2010 a beta version has been released. iOS and Android is the major platform for this game. Before release for Android market, initially Android release was exclusively for Xperia Play. A version for Xbox 360 with Kinect support will be released soon, which is under development by 4J Studios.

Hope!!! The above information will help you to better understand the game….Share your experience after playing this game as a comment. Happy Readings.