HTC One used for Everest video call

A British explorer has made the first video call from the summit of Mount Everest ,using a HTC One handset. Daniel Hughes took his device on the challenge with him and has also managed to tweet and share YouTube videos while undertaking his quest.


It might well be enough to persuade those who are browsing EE mobile phone deals to take a closer look at the specifications of the device for themselves as it should be able to hand the level of wear and tear they put it through in their daily lives with relative ease! Particularly if the only journey you’re looking to complete is a rainy commute to work and back.

The makers of the Android-handset chose to sponsor Hughes in his efforts to try and raise £1 million for Comic Relief. They will doubtless be pleased that their hardware has been able to continue functioning is such extreme conditions and that the video call conducted with the BBC was of a relatively good quality.

In his chat with the Beeb he said: “I had to share this not only because the HTC One is the phone I use, but just imagine what will be available in the future. I don’t have a cameraman with me – it’s me and a pole and an HTC smart phone and an Inmarsat modem.”

He explained that due to the cold weather conditions it would be dangerous for him to use his hands to operate the touchscreen, instead he made use of a stylus.

If you’re looking at choosing one of the available 4g data bundles in order to make video calls and recordings, as well as taking photos of your own then the HTC One might be the right choice. It boasts 1080p Full high-definition video recording, a 4.7-inch screen, an UltraPixel main camera and 2.1-megapixel front facing camera. There is even image stabilisation so getting a clear picture should prove a little easier.

It also offers 500 hours standby time and talktime of as much as 11 hours so you should find you can keep chatting for a good while between needing to charge up.

HTC itself was naturally delighted with the feat and the firm’s UK spokesperson Suzi Watson stated that trying to help him to speak to people at home from that location was “the ultimate test in extreme conditions”.

She added: “We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of design and innovation.”

How Cell Phones Are Becoming (Almost) Indestructible

Cell phones today are all about style. They come with huge touch screens, slim bodies and high-tech voice responses. Because of this, many cell phone manufacturers have placed very little importance on durability. Touch screen phones are a few hard landings away from being useless, slim phones are cracking in the pockets of their owners and, as smart as Siri is, it hasn’t figured out how to make the iphone work underwater.

Cell phones

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But there are some manufacturers that are doing the opposite. They’re foregoing style and developing the ultimate communication machines for construction workers, outdoors-men and soldiers. So while most people consider their cell phone to be their most delicate possession, the following technological advances are making other phones (almost) indestructible.

High-Impact Plastics

Advances in plastic manufacturing have allowed cell phone makers to create phone casings that can absorb enormous amounts of damage. From high-tech thermoplastic polymers to re-purposed natural materials, manufacturers are using anything they can to increase the durability of their latest models.

• Rubber – Rubber is the original damage-resistant material. From light padding to whole encasement, rubber is a huge part of durable cell phone development.

• Polystyrene – A strong, foam-like plastic polymer that helps a unit distribute the force of impacts evenly, polystyrene has become the go-to material for ultra-durable phones.

• Metals – Various phones are now being constructed with solid metal frameworks or “skeletons” that can take some of the pressure off of the plastic casing when it comes to resisting serious impacts.

No matter how advanced of all types electronics may be, they’re still susceptible to their mortal enemy – water. As anyone who’s ever gotten caught in a bad storm, dropped their phone in the sink or forgotten it in the laundry cycle knows, cell phones simply cannot get wet. Even worse, many cell phone companies use evidence of water damage to deny equipment insurance claims, leaving the customer high and dry with a sopping wet phone.

The durable phones market, on the other hand, has become virtually obsessed with waterproofing cell phones. Companies are competing ferociously to see who can make the model that will go the deepest for the longest time and still come up working. Most companies are using combinations of rubber and plastic to achieve this goal, while others are using a revolutionary process called Nano-Coating.

In Nano-Coating, a super-thin layer of polymer is applied to the electronics, making them virtually impenetrable to liquids. Still, the technology isn’t perfect yet, as no phone has been able to claim complete resistance to long-term submersion. There are more than a few that can be plunged for 30 minutes at a time and still work fine. Some of the top models have even been recorded making and receiving calls while submerged. One reviewer commented that he’d taken a $500 outdoor phone and frozen it overnight in a pan of water, then thawed it out the next day and went right on making phone calls.

Screen Reinforcement

Even if a phone can be submerged in water and run over by a car, it’s still nothing more than an expensive paperweight if the user can’t read the screen. Countless otherwise-operable phones have seen early retirement because of cracked displays, and – even worse – most cellphone users will tell you that this vital component is often the easiest to break.

However, rugged cell phone manufacturers are making headway in that area as well. A new compound called Gorilla Glass – a lightweight and ultra-damage-resistant material – has been shown to match durability with regular glass at 1/20th the thickness. Most screens made from Gorilla Glass can take a few hard blows with a hammer before they even begin to crack – making the material the most durable option by far.

And for users who really plan to punish their phones, there’s some upcoming technology that might finally make cracked screens a problem of the past. A company paired with Nokia is working on flexible, bendable displays that may someday allow cell phone users to roll their phones up like a newspaper!

Whether one is an outdoor enthusiast, a hiker, a jogger or just a klutz, there is no reason for to suffer the financial and social pains of a broken cell phone. Thanks to some technological inventiveness, there will soon be a phone out there for every fall, tumble, slip, flood, dive and tussle. And while it may take a slight sacrifice of style, there’s no beating the feeling of getting a $400 phone from the bottom of the pool just in time to answer a phone call.

How To Verify The Quality Of A Used Smartphone

Smartphones have improved in quality so much that even older smartphones can still perform admirably. As smartphone operating systems improve, they become more efficient, so even devices that are more than two years old can sometimes perform well. However, it is always wise to inspect the quality of a smartphone before purchasing it; here are a few tips.


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Check the Screen

In many ways, the screen is the most important part of a smartphone, and a cracked screen can render a smartphone nearly useless. Inspect the screen for small cracks, and look for tiny chips that occur along the edges. Even the smallest of cracks can represent weak points that can easily turn into larger cracks over time. It is also important to check the touchscreen to ensure that all parts of the screen register touches correctly. Download a game and play it for a few minutes to ensure that the screen works well.

Does it Make Calls?

Even though modern smartphones can do much more than older mobile phones, their primary purpose is to place phone calls. Try placing a phone call to a friend, and try to stay on the line for at least a few minutes. In addition, see what type of network the phone is connected to; if the phone is supposed to offer LTE capabilities but is only showing 2G or EDGE speed, the radio might not be working correctly. If you have time, try to download large files. If the file fails to download, the phone might be disconnecting from data connections.

Charging Plug

One of the most common problems on smartphones is worn out or broken charging plugs. Before purchasing any phone, ensure that it charges correctly, and see if the charging is interrupted at any point. Unfortunately, many sellers will place a phone for sale even if they know that the charger is going bad. Confirm with them that you can get a refund if problems occur.

Replaceable Battery?

Fortunately, replacement batteries are fairly cheap, so phones that offer access to the battery are safer purchases than those that do not. If the battery is not replaceable, you may want to give the phone a brief stress test to see how quickly the battery drains. Unfortunately, there is rarely enough time to test a battery fully before purchasing a phone. For this reason, it may be wise to look for used smartphones that come with a refund policy in case battery performance is especially bad.

Intel Smartphone–A Technical Quintessence of Your Life

Smartphone is a combination of Mobile phone, Gaming Pad and a personal computer. All the features and functions of these electronic gadgets are present in a small package known as Smartphone. A few decades ago people used Personal digital assistants to send text messages. Furthermore the population used the Cell phones to have a voice conversation with the others.

With advancement and development in the technology both cell phones and PDAs contributed a large quantum in the birth of Smartphone. These phones offer a comprehensive internet experience you can browse, surf, download, connect and navigate.

Intel Smartphone

 Some of the Highlights of the Smartphone are:-

1.      Applications

The Smartphone has many applications and software installed on them. You can read any text file, pdf file, open any format photo and can even edit them, listen music and can do video streaming.

2.      Internet

Owning a Smartphone will make you completely forget your laptop. It will give you a high speed of 3G and 4G networks.

3.      Dual Format

Most Smartphone comes with touch screen keypad while many come in keyboard format. So you can buy according to your usage and liking.

4.      Camera

You can capture high definition and resolution pictures and make them unforgettable moments of your life.

Operating System and Processor

A number of brands are available in the market that provides Smartphone under their name. Motorola, Samsung, Intel and Google are some of the world renowned names who have launched this hi-tech machine on the earth. Intel long known to mankind for its contribution in the Information Technology sector developed Intel AZ210 Smartphone with the Intel Atom Processor. The operating system used is the 2.3 version of Android known as Gingerbread which can be promoted to 4.0 version known as Ice Cream Sandwich.

This Smartphone is marketed by the name of XOLO X900 in India launching date of 22 April 2012, by the name of Megafon Mint in Russia launching date of 22 August 2012 and Orange San Diego in the United Kingdom launching date 6 June 2012. It is the first Intel Atom Processor phone in Europe and India. The processor is a solitary or single core CPU and the HT is 1.6 GHz.

Features and Characteristics


This Smartphone has 1 GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage. Certainly you will not feel the need of external memory slot if so much internal built-in space is provided. You need to have Root access to operate it.


Its 4.03 inch display named TFT LCD is covered by Gorilla Glass. The display supports around 16 million colors with a resolution of 1024*600.


Dual speakers of 0.3 watt output each are installed and microphones with Ambient Noise Cancellation feature are provided with this Smartphone.


This is one of the prominent features and can be the reason for buying this phone. It has back camera of 8 MP with LED flash. This camera is capable of 8x Zoom and can be set on the auto and manual focus. It can record HD videos of 1080p while the front camera for video calling can record 720p. Various modes such as night, portrait, landscape, Sports, auto is available in the camera.

Media Support

This Smartphone has Android Video player which supports VP8, WMC, MPEG4 video codecs and MIDI, WAV, 3GPP, MP3 audio codecs. It can play at 30 fps full HD 1080p and comes with an inbuilt document reader on which you can read various types of files.

With so many advanced and sophisticated features installed in the Intel Smartphone makes Intel’s own Smartphone, YOLO as a “Small Power Box” capable of boosting your normal life to a “Smart Customized” version. These phones have become an indispensable part of life.

What new mobile phone models are there?

The most talked about phone of 2012 has of course been the Apple iPhone 5 which you can get at At 112g, it is not only 20% lighter than the 4S but also most other smartphones on the market. The phone is longer now to accommodate the larger 4-inch screen. The decision of the screen size was based on the fact that Apple wants its customers to be able to watch videos in the right dimensions without the wide screen black strips, and also because rather than competing with the Samsung Galaxy S3’s 4.7 inch screen, they wanted this mobile phone to still feel comfortable in the hand and thumb-friendly.

mobile phone

There have been a few major design changes. The headphone jack is now at the bottom of the phone – which might seem like a strange idea, but it seems Apple may have taken into account the fact that with the jack on the bottom, you can now drop the phone into your pocket from exactly the position you are holding it. Although it’s upside down in your pocket to allow for the headphone wire, it eliminates any fumbling. A small thing to consider really, but it just goes to show the level of detailed thought that has gone into the creation of this phone.

The 30 pin connector is no more, and has been replaced with a much smaller one called the Lightning Port. On one hand, it’s an irritating development for regular Apple customers whose existing accessories such as car chargers will no longer be usable, and they will have to invest in the adaptor that apple will release which is said to be pricey. On the other hand, having a smaller connector meant that you can have a thinner phone, and the new Lightning Port has useful features such as the fact that you can plug it in any way.

How Does the iPhone 5 Compare to the Samsung Galaxy SIII?

The competition between the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Apple iPhone models was intensified with the release of the iPhone 5. The two smartphones have a lot of the same capabilities, so you have to carefully examine the differences to determine how the iPhone 5 compares to the Samsung Galaxy S III.

iPhone5compare to Samsung Galazy SIII

The Screens

The Galaxy features a 4.8-inch screen, slightly larger than the iPhone 5’s 4-inch screen. Samsung provides a remarkable 1280 x 720 resolution with HD quality and 306 ppi. The iPhone 5 has slightly lower resolution at 1136 x 640, but it has 326 ppi, so the image is crisper. The Galaxy S III’s display is brighter at its lowest settings than the iPhone 5, but the iPhone 5’s display simply has a better appearance. Overall, the Galaxy has a larger display, but the iPhone 5 offers a better display quality.

Connection Speed

Verizon, AT&T and Sprint offer 4G LTE connections to both the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy. The phones should offer the same connection speed, but there are some differences. Overall, the iPhone 5 downloads faster than the Galaxy at peak levels, but the iPhone 5’s speed can vary greatly. The Galaxy offers more consistent speeds, which is preferable to the iPhone 5’s unpredictable speeds. There are also reports that some iPhone 5 users experience Wi-Fi connectivity problems.


The iPhone’s iOS 6 Maps app had some serious issues upon its release. The iPhone 5’s Maps app can have problems searching for businesses, and it even shows Texas as having two capitols. The Galaxy’s Android Maps provides accurate directions, and it provides a picture of the destination when you get close to your destination. The Galaxy wins hands down in the maps category because the iPhone 5’s Maps app is unreliable.

Battery Life

The iPhone 5 offers an excellent battery life, but the Galaxy uses a 2100 mAh battery, boosting its battery power to superior levels. The Galaxy’s battery can typically last slightly longer than the lithium-ion battery in the iPhone 5. The Galaxy also offers the option of switching out the battery to provide extended battery power when on the go. There are ways to maximize the battery life of both phones. To conserve battery power you can turn down the screen brightness and only turn on the Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth capabilities when you need them.

5 Smart Phone Apps for Christians

We live in an era where advanced technology is used. As you know, there are many apps in the market for everybody.  However, there are many Christians who have smart phones out there, but they do not know which apps they will use to help them up lift their faith. Due to this technology, it has made it easy for Christians to study the word of God and at the same time to understand more about their faith.

Below are 5 smart phone apps for Christians that one can use:
smart phone apps

1.       Bible hero

This is a most entertaining Bible trivia game that you can play with even family and friends. Through this app, you can answer as many questions as you can, regarding Bible stories, characters, and events.  Through this app, you can set as many as 8 different teams. This app is helpful when you want to spend or have fun with your family and friends. It is also educating.

2.       Your version

This app is a cool one to have in your smart phone. The reason for it being the coolest is; you can access many different versions of the Bible depending on your preference.  For example, if you prefer the new King James Version, you will be able to read it. This app requires the use of data Wi-Fi connection to retrieve the pages of the Bible you want to read.

3.       Children’s Bible

As Christians, telling Bible stories to kids is a great thing. This is one of the principles of Christianity, to teach their children about the word of God. Therefore, if you are looking for an easy way to do it, then this app is for you. Through this app, you will be able to access all the Bible stories. Furthermore, these stories have been simplified in such a way that your kids will understand. This app has comic books of the Bible story and also, some of them have been animated so that they can watch short stories. This app makes it easy for you to study the Bible with your kid a whole lot easier.

4.       Prayer list

One of the most important things to Christianity is prayers. Because of this, making regular prayers is important for them. Therefore, instead of you making a list on a piece of paper, why don’t you do it on your smart phone? The best thing about this app is that you can use images to pray for it. This makes it easy for you to refer back to your prayer list at any time.

5.       Church

This application is the best because it makes it easy for Christians to get access to many different things that relate to Christianity.  Some of the things that you will have when you install this app into your smart phone are, inspiration quotes, prayer journals, tithed calculator, memory verses and the scripture. Furthermore, it has an offline Bible which has proved to be helpful if you don’t want to connect to the Internet to read the Bible, in other words; your smart phone is your Bible.

Look up for this smart phone apps for Christians and you will experience a change in your life.

The Process of Recycling Mobile Gadgets: How to Make the Best of this Option

What does the Site Offers

Sell my mobile is a USA based website and it largely talks about how best to compare prices which are usually offered for the purpose of recycling mobile gadgets.

Once you make the best use of the offers and the prices through this trusted and effective online resource you can hugely save on time and money.
The website presents you with the best price list of some of the best recycling companies so that you don’t have to hunt for costs elsewhere.

sell my mobile

Portraying Sell my mobile

Presenting the Website

There can be no doubt regarding the profile of the company. It holds the best price list for some of the best used mobile phone models. Through this mode of selling most consumers earn a huge amount of profit by selling their already used mobile devices.

The Kind of Service being provided

The website offers a high level service and thus it really helps you in saving apposite time and money as you can get the short cut of comparing prices on site.

What Makes the Site Stand Out

You can really mark the genuineness of the site. The site surely comes up with some of the most lucrative deals for you to enjoy.
Dealing with the Old Phone Version

The phone which you have sold out to the company would be better structured and remodeled and sent to the other parts of the world.

How Best to Sell Used Phones through Sellmymobile

  • You can search for the exact box tool to make an idea regarding what should be the price of the used mobile phone.
  • The company provides you with lots of options to make a fair selection of the deal
  • You have to choose the company to whom you want to sell the device. Then you just need to locate the online selling option. Click on the item and start selling now.
  • Once the company gets in hand the exact mobile phone sold by you they would conduct a formal verification and send you the payment at the earliest.

To Say Something in Conclusion

The opportunity of recycling of mobile phones has really given consumers a chance to think about selling their used models. This is something absolutely safe for the earth and it would save you from the option of throwing away your used set. You really get a chance to be innovative through Sell my mobile. You get price for your used mobile phone – this is really fantastic.

Recycling Mobile Phones is a Good Concept: You get an Option to Make Money

To Speak In Brief about Sell Cell

You take a stand against environment pollution by no disposing the old gadget. Instead you make through the best-selling of the used mobile phone.
The price of the used phone should be somewhere near forty to ninety percent of the actual pricing of the first hand mobile phone.

Sell Cell will give you an idea regarding how to sell a mobile device and where to sell the gadget. This is the best way you can sell the device online.

Sell Cell

Identity of Sell Cell

What the Company is about
This is the best acknowledged mobile phone recycling company which can really help you compare the suitable process of the mobile phone already in use. Nothing comes close to the popularity and the authenticity of this mobile recycling company.

The Activities of the Company

In USA you would find innumerable mobile recycling companies. Sell Cell records all company prices and this makes transaction so convenient. This is the best way you can make a decent sum of money by selling the old mobile phone model.

Reasons for Going for Sell Cell

This site has genuinely gained mass appreciation as it is widely used for old mobile phone selling. You get authentic price comparisons at the place. This really makes the site special.

What Happens to the Old Mobiles?

They are being rightly sent to the correct destination by Sell Cell after a negligible upgrading. A stupendous refurbishing makes the phone ready for usage.

The Process of Selling the Used Devices

  • First you have to make a relevant search for the kind of mobile phone you are using. This will help you get familiar with the price of the used device.
  • Stop at the company to whom you would want to sell your mobile device. You just have to click on sell now.
  • Check with all the details and maintain the instructions to post your mobile phone to the preferred destination
  • You need to check your mail to see whether the payment has been made. This will help you to know the status of the transaction and the approximate time for receiving the cash.

To Conclude with Sell Cell

This is a good site where you would get to know about the highest selling and the lowest selling prices of a cellular device. You get top company prices at the place. Sell Cell is an asset when it comes to recycling and selling of used mobile phones.


Hello Friends here Iam back again with a newer and more exciting article which wills always suite your requirements and technical needs. This time we are focusing upon the most recent innovation of company HTC. Being strictly an original design manufacturer,HTC started selling devices such as the HTC Wizard as the T-Mobile MDA and the Cingular 8125. The company had a lot of attention on telecom who payed a contract manufacturer for customized products. . In 2012. Now focusing on our new and most advanced version of HTC handset that is the HTC WILDFIRE C ANDROID 4ost advanced version of HTC handset that is the HTC WILDFIRE C ANDROID 4.0.Here I will focus totally on the Features, Specifications and review of this smartphone. So launch your driving seats friends and HAPPY READING!

htc wildfire c


HTC Wildfire C is a smartphone has a display of 3.5inch tft. HTC Wildfire C contains 25 GB of dropbox memory.

After having a good response of HTC mobile One series , HTC is going to launch the another version of HTC Wildfire. HTC Wildfire C has amazing features full mobile phone which is coming with a 1 GHz single core processor. HTC Wildfire C is a smartphone which is having the 3.5 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen display. HTC Wildfire C is containing the 25 GB dropbox memory and 4 GB internal memory which adds to its excellent features.

The HTC wildfire comes with the google android 4.0 Ice thick cream sandwhich OS.


  • It has a single core processor of 1 GHz.
  • Has a good 5 megapixel camera.
  • Superb 512 MB RAM and 4 GB internal memory
  • Path finding google maps
  • GPS and lots more


HTC Wildfire C has around 800 MHz and has 512MB RAM, 4GB internal memory and 25GB of drop box storage icing on cake. External memory is expandable to 32GB. The wildfire has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,GPS,microUSB etc.

It has a slim design with 4GB Internal memory, 25GB of Dropbox Storage, Google Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich Operating System, Multiformat Video/Audio Player, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3.5mm audio jack.

So ,Friends how is the wildfire going your way,really android has given loads of gifts to the mobile users. Now we will shift our gears to the internal capacity of the HTC wildfire c android .

This handset really provides high end capacity to clear all the parameters for digitally enhanced smartphones lets see how!

If you want to try your hands HTC Wildfire C then you have to wait for end of the June even I also want to get my hands on it. I think once it gets launched, it will rule the market in middle level segment.

HTC Wildfire C Android phone is expected to carry 3.5 inch touchscreen display with 480×320 pixels screen resolutions. HTC stiffed a 1GHz Single Core Processor and 512MB RAM in it, which makes the busy youngster’s work easier and play faster. This android phone comes with 4GB Internal memory and also have MicroSD card slot for expanding your storage space. It also comes with 5MP rear camera with Flash light for recording high quality video.

If you want to try your hands HTC Wildfire C then you have to wait for end of the June even I also wants to get my hands on it. I think once it gets launched, it will rule the market in middle level segment.


HTC Wildfire C Ice Cream Sandwich OS version of android with 3G network connectivity


HTC Wildfire C is having the Android 4.0 OS.

Processor: HTC Wildfire C is powered by 1 GHz single core processor which is also very good.


HTC Wildfire C the android mobile phone is having the 3.5 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen display with the resolution of 320 x 480 screen resolution.

Camera: HTC Wildfire C smartphone is available with a 5 MP camerawhich is also capable of making HD videos of 720p.


HTC Wildfire C is having the 512MB RAM and it is powered by a 4GB internal memory and it is also available with the 25 GB dropbox memory. The memory of HTC Wildfire C is expandable upto 32 GB via MicroSD card.

Audio And Video Player:

HTC Wildfire C is having the multi format audio and video player. HTC Wildfire C is having the FM and Radio option with 3.5 mm jack of handset. HTC Wildfire C also supports the 720p videos.


HTC Wildfire C is having the many connectivity options like Wi-Fi, GPS, USB, Bluetooth, WAP and EDGE.


HTC Wildfire C is having the social networking apps and many gaming apps. It is also having Play store, Youtube, Office reader, HTML Browser.


It has a high battery backup. Powered by a Li-on battery having the stand by time of 5 hours.


Runs on Android 4.0 OS, powered by 1GHz processor.

Has 3.5-inch capacitive touch display and screen resolution is 320 x 480 pixels.

Is 3G enabled and supports Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth, GPS, WAP, and high speed connectivity.

Has high end camera with LED flash. Camera has Geo tagging, face and smile detection. Jack of 3.5 mm jack with Beats Audio enhancement, stereo speakers, FM Radio with recording, Music player with MP3/eAAC+/WAV supported formats and video player with MP4/WMV formats.

The HTC Smartphone comes with 512MB of RAM, up to 32GB external memory support along with 4GB internal storage.

Has excellent messaging capacity with pushmails

Boosted by a Li-Ion standard 1650mAh battery has long life

Smartphone Dimensions and weight are not known as of now. We will update this post once complete specifications of this phone revealed.

Friends how is the wildfire experience going on till now going .HTC is going to launch this mega innovation project in near future in India and it is really affordable price and the prices are yet not revealed.


HTC Wildfire-C will come with a high quality rear end with clear picture quality. The front camera enables excellent video chat. High quality screen supports larger view

HTC has high hopes from its wildfire smartphone with such excellent features

It gives standard audio with good quality video options

The Bluetooth has non-distortion data connectivity. The storage capacity allows data to be intact.

We expect the release closely by the end of June. The price not disclosed by HTC. Reviewers commented that the price of product will go down

It is expected that Dropbox’s 25GB plan which is absolutely free for full 2 years will be available with Wildfire-C

Thus HTC WILDFIRE has decent specification waiting to be launched