5 New Facebook Tweeks

Facebook is one of the greatest public website out there. It seems that almost everyone who have the accessibility to a pc system and internet have a account on Facebook, this social networking site has become renouned over the world.

Everyone including their grandma and grandpa are using Facebook, and almost all of these individuals are either bemoaning changes that Facebook has made or they are looking for techniques that they can create their facebook account even more attractive. There are a lot of techniques that you can tune Facebook to create it better for you, and here are just 8 Facebook changes you can try.

Hide the right sidebar

The right sidebar seems to be the most disliked of the facebook users. It minimizes down the and displays over your whole screen, and the mini-newsfeed next to the big newsfeed just seems like a bit too much. You can quickly hide this function with a little tune. At the end of the sidebar to the right there is a little option with an pointer, simply clicking that allows you to hide the sidebar.

Do not block up the newsfeed with activity updates

Game playing is one of the advantages of Facebook, and it appeals to a lot of new customers to the website. As you perform, your friends newsfeed and their surfaces may begin to get ceased up with information of your accomplishments and reports that you have started to play FarmVille. To quit this, in the Consideration configurations you can set customized configurations for all of your applications such as configurations so that no one but you gets these reports.

Stop Facebook emails

If you use your mobile phone to access Facebook, you probably get announcements when you get a buddy ask for, a new thoughts on a position bring up to date or more. It begins to get frustrating when you get hit with an SMS concept and an e-mail about the same element. It is simple to convert this off.  You can go to your notifications configurations and switch off any textual content and e-mail reports you want.

Get Stories in your newsfeed

Facebook’s new standard is to demonstrate the top Stories first. If a subject changes out to be hot, every time check out the site it will end up at the top of the line, which can get very tedious. To get new articles to the top of your newsfeed, press on the little pointer that is manipulated a little to the eventually left above where your newsfeed begins. Here you can choose to see latest stories first.

Discover out how your account looks to other people

When you look at your account, there is a option marked “view as” to the top eventually left. After you press on that option, get into the name of a facebook buddy, and you will see your web page as it seems to them. This is an excellent tune to use to see if you might unintentionally be oversharing. This can also help you to see if a spammer or wayward app are giving elements to your walls.

Marketing Your Facebook Timeline without an SEO Services Company

The Facebook timeline is great for updating your profile. Beyond updating status and sharing interesting posts, the timeline of your Facebook profile could do a lot more. It has marketing potentials for your business as well. The social media marketing potential of Facebook is not unknown to anyone who is in the internet business and now the Facebook timeline is here to help you market your newly started business effectively on the internet.

Facebook timeline

In this article, you will find some ideas that would help you promote your company online, without the help of an SEO Services company.

  • Privacy Settings : Time to Loosen the Strings a Bit: If you want people to know about your business, you need to be a little easy on the way you have adjusted your privacy settings. This would allow your business information to be viewed by your friends as well as those who are not on your friends list. This could be done while maintaining your privacy of other things in your profile.
  • Make Your Timeline Look Professional: Showing inappropriate wall posts to your potential customers is not a very professional attitude. In order to look professional in the eyes of the beholder, remove all things unprofessional from your timeline. You can hide all inappropriate posts as well. Go to the ‘activity log’ feature and edit your profile accordingly. Invest some time on editing your profile. You will not regret the outcome.
  • Showcase Your Achievements: Since you are taking care of marketing your business yourself, use your timeline the way Facebook wants you to. You already have a biography ready in your timeline, now the rest is about how you manage it. Include all your achievements, right from the day you launched your company to the day when you are updating your profile. Every event of your business should be there on your timeline. You do not need help from an SEO services India to do this.
  • Ever Heard of Creating A Business Card from Your Timeline? Yes it’s possible. Facebook has united with Moo.com, makers of customized business cards. This means, you can now create your very own business card easily with your timeline.
  • Flaunt Your Personality: Let your profile covers do the talking for you. Choose a cover photo that is relevant to your business and can convey your business message in an interesting way. There are lots of things to choose from such as patterns, textures, natural images or some abstract artwork. As long as it goes with the niche you cater to, it is effective for your cover photo.

Final Words:

Update your timeline regularly. Remember to remove or hide inappropriate content and posts. Adhering to the aforementioned steps will help you appear professional before your prospective clients/customers and they will spontaneously want to maintain a business relationship with you if your profile is always updated with the right content, in the right manner.

It is of no doubt that you need social media marketing in this era, but you should also exploit the power of your Facebook timeline. Let an SEO Services Company India take care of your internet marketing while you market your business through your very own, powerful platform – your Facebook profile

5 apps to help you sell goods on Facebook

Facebook, the most well connected and the most well established social networking website is the most comprehensive platform for small business owners. With a large network on facebook and its superb ability to attract people through videos, updates, pages, pics etc. it is the best way to actually reach out to them and sell the products with a multi-integrated network with numerous apps that further these businessmen to increase their business online through these apps. This article includes the top 5 apps on Facebook to sell goods.

1. Vendorshop:


Vendorshop is a free app on facebook that helps the seller to directly sell his/her good to their fans through the page of the store itself. The transactions are completely secured which brings a relief to the customers and a plus point that you can buy the products without actually being redirected to the website. Also features like digital coupons are a great factor that enables the sellers to promote their business a great deal.

2. Ecwid:

Another great free app that integrates the store of your website with the facebook store itself. The best thing is that you can manage all this through one single control panel. This app attracts international customer by offering 37 set of language and multiple ways of payment hence extending your business overseas as well.

3. Payment:

An app on facebook that establishes itself and list down unlimited products onto the facebook page. The app comes for free but can be upgraded to give extra features to track sales and implement marketing techniques combining to form facebook mall that reaches out to more than just the fans of your page extending your business widely.

4. Beetailer:

Got a large store and don’t have the time to add each new product onto the list of the already existing database of products?? Then beetailer is the right app for you that imports the product listing on your already existing store. Comes for free and can be upgraded for better marketing tools.

5. Shoptab:

Shoptab is another free app that ranges up to 20$ based onto the requirement of the seller. This app has a capability to attract a great number of international customer as it has a listing of over 40 currency hence making transaction simple and understandable to all. You can easily manage your product list and add edit them easily too.
Using of any of the above apps shall definitely clear up the business track for the betterment of your business online and shall be of a great use through these apps listed above.

Why Should I Have a Facebook Fan Page for My Business

With people around the world spending 500 billion minutes on Facebook per month, it is no wonder that many businesses are looking to this social networking site for their own needs. Facebook has released a handful of useful tools that are geared to make their website one of the leading platforms for company/customer interactions. For any business owner or marketing director, here is a look at some of the amazing benefits of expanding into this social networking site.

Facebook fan page

Marketing Opportunities

Even with with a perfect advertising campaign, reaching the required demographics a majority of the time can still be hit or miss. TV, radio, or printed advertisements may seem like they do relatively well for attracting customers, but the nature of Facebook makes it exponentially more efficient. With every Facebook user inputting their age, location, beliefs, relationship status, and sex, companies can target only the ideal demographic every single time. This means more customers that will directly translate into increased revenue. For companies that are looking to expand their customer base, Facebook’s 800 million active members are a great place to begin searching.

Traffic Opportunities

The very nature of a social networking site makes it a perfect place to look for traffic that could lead to new customers. With Facebook users sharing links and liking pages, the customers themselves become one of the most effective advertisers. Businesses that opt to create their own fan page will find customers spend more time posting and discussing on their page, which in turn will attract new visitors. Some of the leading fan pages for businesses draw in tens of thousands of unique visitors every single day.

SEO Opportunities

The difference between a business with a successful online presence and an unsuccessful online presence will always come down to search engine optimization. Landing in the first few spots for any popular search term can be one of the most valuable positions that any company could have. In just the past few months, major search engines such as Bing and Google have placed much more weight behind social networking sites. Companies and their products or services that are liked and mentioned will find a huge boost to their search rankings outside of Facebook. The search engines closely monitor these sites to increase the weight and rankings behind all keywords.

Communicate With Customers

Every successful company is going to rely on feedback from their customers. Unfortunately, feedback often turns into a one way conversation instead of a dialogue. With the ability to quickly and easily respond to customers, Facebook has once again transformed the nature of business. Those that are maintaining a fan page can instantly thank customers for praise or address any issues that unsatisfied customers may have.

Effective Marketing

Not only is setting up a fan page one of the most efficient ways of marketing on Facebook, it is completely free. Whether a company is exclusively based online or has its own storefront, owners will find that a fan page brings in a vast number of unique visitors to their website or store. Facebook also offers unique sponsored advertisements to attract visitors to a website or the fan page itself. Pay-per-click ads will result in almost every advertising dollar drawing in new customers. Businesses can also choose to utilize ads in which they pay for every viewing. A daily budget can be set and Facebook will even help to design the advertisements to coincide with the look and feel of Facebook itself.

Making the Page

With so many benefits, there is almost no drawback for creating a Facebook fan page for any business. It remains one of the most effective marketing and customer interaction platforms that has ever been developed. Any business that is looking towards the future with optimism should look to this social networking site today.

How To Download Facebook Album Photos

Facebook is no.1 social networking site with over 11 percent of world’s population. Millions of pictures are uploaded daily by the users all over the world. Facebook provides rich features in photo uploading and also supports other features like tagging photos, dropping comments etc. But regarding the safety of pictures, Facebook does not provide much user friendly that it should provide.

Although, the Facebook allows the users to backup their photos by downloading them but still it is not much featured as all the photos need to be downloaded one by one. This may be simple in some cases when we want to download only one or two photos, but what if we want to download all the photos from an album and that album contains hundreds of pictures????Can it be done one by one???

Facebook Album

Really, It  would be very time consuming to download them all one by one.

But Now You don’t need to worry about this because here is  the way to download the entire Facebook album in few seconds…..The trick involves the use of add on or plugins in the popular browsers. The trick works for both most popular browsers i.e. Google Chrome and Firefox.

If you are chrome user then here’s how you go for the trick.

Using Google Chrome Extension

1. Make Sure you already have Google Chrome on your system and is running fine without any crashes. Now Download the Google chrome extension to Download the Facebook album here .

Google chrome extension to Download the Facebook album

Install the extension on Chrome and after installing open the Facebook Photo album you want to download, so that all thumbnails appear there.

Now click on the button in your address bar as shown below:

This will open a new page containing all the photos of the album. This is a regular web page and you can save it easily by just pressing Ctrl+S .In Windows or Command+S in Mac, you can also save it by selecting “save as” option by right clicking on the page, but don’t forget to select the webpage, complete option from save as type while saving the page. This will make a folder on your saving location and the newly created folder will contain all the photos of that album which you can view in your default image viewer. There will be HTML copy also be saved along with photos. You can access the webpage offline anytime. But this HTML webpage is not any necessary file, you can just ignore it or can delete it as well if you want.

Note: Before using this extension I will like to inform you that this extension can access your Facebook data and your personal details as well. This extension can access your Facebook history as well so please try it only at your own risk.

Using Mozilla Firefox Add on

There is also an add on available for Mozilla Firefox 4.0 to download the Facebook albums in just one click. This has been downloaded many times and average rating of this add on is above average. It requires no restart for its complete installation. To use the add on follow the following steps.

1. First of all download the Mozilla Firefox add on here.

2. After installing the add on, point your browser to the Facebook album, the one whose photos you wish to download.

3. Right click on the name of the album you want to download.

4. Right clicking the album name will open a bunch of options, Select the fluschipranie’s download option from there which will open a Dialog box.

5. Give the Base name to your photos. You can give any desires base name. Base name is the name from which each photo will begin followed by numbers 1,2,3 and so on.

You can also check the Facebook’s Prefix Box to save it with the same name as used by the Facebook. Once done you can see your Downloaded photos in your saving location with the same name which you used previously.

Besides using the extensions for browsers, there is an online tool also for the same cause. The tool is named as PicknZip tool.

Using PicknZip Online Tool

Pick n Zip is an online tool that can be used to download the entire album of your friends or the photos in you were tagged in on Facebook.

All you have to do this is to go the site. There you just need to login with your Facebook account. This will result in the integration of your Facebook account with PicknZip and it will show the entire list of your Facebook friends. Select the Friend name, of which you want to download the photos.

Now all the albums of your friend will be listed .Select the photo or entire album you want to Download .This online tool is best choice for you if you do not want to install too many Extensions or Add on your browser. The best part of this tool is that it is completely free of cost. With the help of this great online tool you can even download the photos from the Facebook Groups or Pages. This tool becomes favorite of many users as we don’t need to download any kind of software for it. The process is simple as pointing to their website. logging in and getting access to all its features.

The Pick n Zip is not the only online tool which provides you this feature. I am explaining it because it is my favorite and is simple to use as well. There are also another tools like photograbber, fotobounce that are desktop softwares (means you need to download and install the software) to download the Facebook albums. Downloading any unknown or third party software may be discomfort for many users.

Actually it does not depend that which method you use for downloading Facebook albums. Depending upon user interest and ease one may go for the extensions or add on and the other may go for online tools. Use whatever you want, all the above tools are checked and used by me personally and I must say that all work like a charm. So use this trick now because who knows one day you need to download a big Photo album, then you will say thanks to this tutorial surely. Keep Remember that downloading huge Facebook albums is head paining task……..but not for you now.