Top 10 Self-Motivations Of Highly Paid Bloggers

Undoubtedly, blogging has turned into a profitable business and many young and energetic minds are coming to this profession. Though many people are coming to blogging profession, but all are not successful. Few of the bloggers are highly paid, but rests are not at all well-paid. So, you might think that how these few bloggers are paid high, but not others. What is the reason behind their success? Well, these highly paid bloggers have very high self-motivation, which enhances their capabilities.

Here, is the list of 10 reasons, how the bloggers enhance their self-motivation-

  • Passion for work- To achieve success in any field, you must be passionate to work. Unless you have the passion for work, you cannot perform well in that profession. So, generate passion for the work in yourself.
  • Punctual- Highly paid bloggers are very punctual. They never delay the deadline and deliver the work in mentioned period. Being punctual helps you to attract more clients and hence you successfully expand your business.
  • Be Generous and Link their blog with other blog – Be generous and try to link your blog with other blogs; it will help you to get the link of other blog. Highly paid bloggers use this technique.
  • Visit other blogs- Highly paid blogger pay regular visit to others blog. It not only enhances their idea about new blogs, but they also learn the tips to make their blog popular. Want to start a blog get one here
  • Build a rapport with new clients-highly paid bloggers are always busy in making a rapport with the new clients. It not only helps them to expand their business, but they also enhance their self-motivation.
  • Honest- honesty is something, which is required in every part of life. Highly paid bloggers are quite honest while dealing with clients.
  • Authenticity in content- authentic content is very much important to make your blog profitable. Highly paid bloggers always use authentic information in the blog content, which attract huge traffic for their blog.
  • Make use of fresh and unique content – high earning bloggers lay special emphasis on content of the blog. They make use of fresh and unique content, which enhances the interest of the readers to read the blog again and again.
  • Do not copy others- highly paid bloggers do not copy the content from other source. Plagiarized content has a very bad impact on the blog reputation and readers do not prefer to go through the blog.
  • Patient- Being patient in blogging profession is the foremost and important thing. You must have a great deal of patience if you are in blogging profession. Ups and downs in this profession are quite obvious, so you must be patient enough to achieve success in this business.

So, the above mentioned are some of the tips, following which few blogger earn a huge profit. So, if you also desire to earn a huge profit out of your blog, you must follow these tips. These tips can surely help you to a great deal to be a highly paid blogger.

Making a Living Posting the Blogs

Dealing with the ho-hum of the 9-to-5 career often makes people dream of blogging for profit, in the hopes that they can quit their day job. Out of the 100% of all bloggers interested in making enough money by writing, only a few seem to be able to reap the amount of profits they desire. The individuals who do not succeed in making money with their blogs usually do so for the same reasons.

Blogger Expectations

Many times, bloggers generate unrealistic expectations of just how fast the readership of their blog will grow, and how much money it will generate. Once the expectations have not been met, disappointment often sets in, and robs them of their desire to continue posting to their blog.

Another trap that seems to snag bloggers is in their lack of making a plan to follow. Like any business, profiting as a blogger requires a realistic expectation, and a defined plan of action to take.

Finding an Audience

To be successful in a profiting blog you will need a large audience of dedicated readers. The higher the amount of traffic that visits your enjoyable blog on a daily and monthly basis, the more advertisers will pay you. However, having the ability to cultivate regular readers to make the kind of profit you desire is not always easy.

With new blogs appearing every day, only the most dedicated bloggers with access to creative and enjoyable content have what it takes for repeat visitors to return for more. Finding an audience that is large enough and interested enough requires skillful writing and proven marketing strategies.

Marketing Your Blog

Typically, when want-to-be bloggers dream about blogging for a living, they generally imagine themselves writing their posts as their only job. However, writing good content is only half the battle. If they spend insufficient time marketing their blog, they will never be anyone there to read it. Only once they have created a viable interest from a large enough audience, eager to return to read more, will it make sense to spend most of the time writing content for their blog.

Developing a Marketing Strategy

The absolute first step in creating a blog is actually designing it. You need to select a blogging platform like WordPress, and set up an account. After an account has been set up, you will most likely be prompted to design your own site. This can be accomplished by selecting from the large variety of WordPress themes from the integrated dashboard the platform provides. Depending on the type of blog you will be offering, you can select a theme that best represents your interest.

You might choose a professional look, a colorful look, or any of the fun and creative designs available. Next, you will upload your content to the site. Once you are done with that, you will publish your words to the Internet for everyone to see.

Using Keywords to Find an Audience

Finding an audience might seem to be a challenging task, but it is more time-consuming than daunting. As the writer of your blog, you should blend keywords and keyword phrasing into your articles and comments. The keywords are what search engines, like Google, use to find your information in a search query. Inputting a specific phrase or keyword into the search engine, the online user is hoping to locate pertinent information based on what they have typed.

If those same words reside in your headings, subject line and content in the article, the search engine will find it. Scouring the Internet for that information, the search engine will rank your blog site and place it accordingly in its results. If you have done your creative writing to meet that threshold, you will rank high, with a link to your site hopefully on the first page of the search results.

Proven Techniques for Audience Gathering

There are other proven techniques for gathering an audience and directing them to your blog site. An easy way to generate more interest in your site is to interact with other blogs on the Internet that share your same interests. Building lasting bonds between like-minded individuals will help drive readers to your blog.

  • Leave Interesting Comments – Every time you come across something interesting at a visiting blog, leave a relevant comment on that site, with a backlink to your site. If readers and bloggers find your comments interesting, they will most likely visit your site to see what else you have to say.
  • Cross Blog – Cross blogging is a simple process of adding a link of one of your blogs that directs traffic to another one of yours. If you have a successful blog, and have started a second or third one, consider driving some of your existing traffic from one blog to your other blog.

Success Takes Time

Overnight success only happens in the movies. Whether you are a marketing genius, or a prolific writer, you most likely are not both. Take the time necessary to learn how to be a successful blogger, and with determination you might just be able to be one of the few that make a living posting to blogs.

Battlefield-How to Survive In a Competitive Blogging Environment

This article gives a number of tips for blogging in a competitive environment. How can blogging be competitive you ask? It turns competitive when certain keywords are searched for by many online users. More bloggers are going to base their blog posts around these popular keywords in the hope that they will receive some of the traffic numbers that those keywords are seeing. Obviously, the more people that use those keywords, the more competitive blogging with those keywords becomes. This article gives you a few tips to help your blog survive in such a competitive environment and be the winner.

Blogging Environment


The first tip is the most poignant and most true

The easiest and only way to survive is to keep going. Older blogs that have been updated regularly for years will always rank higher than newer blogs. It is simply a case of continuing to write your blog and continuing to post on a regular basis over a long period of time. In reality this is the best way to maintain your blog and ensure that you are not lost in the gutter of Google.

Find a niche

The more specific and narrow that your niche is then the less competition you are likely to have within it. A lack of direct competition will make online survival a lot easier. If everything is done correctly, over time, you can say, “That’s my chair!”.

Stick to your niche

Do not flip-flop from one niche to another whenever you please. If you really have to urge to write about a different topic then write your posts and post them online as articles. Just so long as they do not appear on your blog.

Change your niche if you are not getting the right results

If you are consistently getting low traffic numbers you should change the way you blog. One of the things you may try changing is the blogs niche itself.

Install a comment section

Comments are viewed as updates by the search engines, which is good for your blogs SEO value. They also help to keep your audience engaged with your content–especially if you respond to the comments.

Administer your comment section and allow people to link from it

Allow people to link from your comment section so that more people will comment. This will mean that spammers will spam links and messages on your comment section, but if administer it then it should not be a problem.

Ask your readers what they think should change on your blog

You can do this on your comment section if you like. The opinion of your loyal readers may help to point out areas of improvement.

Copy the keywords of your competitors

If you really want to play hardball, you can copy your competitor’s keywords and put each post in direct competition with your competitors if you like.

Make counter arguments to your competitor’s blog posts

Sign up to the RSS feed of you competitors, read their posts and then write counter arguments to the points that they make.

Remove any affiliate adverts

They only earn you a few cents each month and make your blog posts look cheap and harder to read. They also increase page-loading times, which is reason enough to get rid of them.

Use plugins to compress all but the first three or five posts

This is good if you have a very big blog, as it will speed up the loading time of the blog.

Add pictures

They make the blog look better and will help you to tell a story. Make sure the images are optimized to load quickly and do not take up too much of the screen. Make sure that page loading time is a priority of yours.

RSS feed

Have an RSS feed so that people can follow your blog posts more easily.

Share button

This will help to attract new people to your blog through your current readers sharing it with others.

Give previews of your blog posts on social media

This is a nice little way to stimulate some interest about your blog. You can talk about your blog posts on social media in order to get more attention, and you can give little previews of up and coming blog posts to whet the appetite of your social media followers.

Write about what you love

It is easier and is more likely to be well written. You will often find more things to write about too, and probably have a wider knowledge about a subject you already love.

Administer your negative comments

If people are writing nasty things in your comment boxes then you should delete them when you administer your comment section.

Make your posts easy to read

This means having smaller paragraphs and lots of white space on the page so that it is easier to read.

Blogging For Commercial Purpose

Blogging can be used for commercial purpose and it is a great tool that is used in SEO marketing strategies. With various search options availability the overall performance of the blog can be improved. If you find your blog to be not productive, these steps can help to solve the problem.

Select a theme for the blog

Select a theme for the blog

This is very important while blogging. Select a theme that is unique and it is preferable not to select the theme that has been already published. Based on understanding the reader’s interest one can select the topics. Theme should be original and need to be presented in a professional way. If you have lots of money to invest, a graphic designer can be hired who can bring personality to the blog. Wooltheme is an option for people who do not want to invest too much and want it to be professional. It is advisable to avoid wordpress templates.

Use Quality content

It is always important to maintain the quality of the content. It is important to use keyword related to the content of the website. Adequate keyword research is important. Including keywords in title and headline boost the search engine optimisation. It is suggested to use keywords in the first paragraph and last paragraph

Create backlinks

Create backlinks to the blog through websites related to the content of the blog. More the backlinks more will be the page ranking. So various strategies has to be used to increase backlinks.

Make use of RSS feeds

RSS feed helps in making the customers follow the site. Most of these themes have RSS feeds button and in case if it is absent you can download your image and can be included in the site. Feedbutton can be used with buttons that contain subscription of the online have feed readers.

Use blog posts in social media network

You can syndicate the blog posts in social media networks like Facebook and myspace. This helps in creating backlinks through these sites. It is a way to reach larger audience. If the content of the blog is of great importance this helps in creating large readers into the blog.

Update the blog

Simply opening up a blog is not enough. You have to make frequent updates in the blog. If not updated the readers may lose interest in the blog. If the blog is updated daily then the blog will have more visitors. While making updates make sure that the content is of high interest. Ideally updates should be made three times a week.

 Make URL structure interesting

URL structure of the website is very important. Google pays attention to the keyword used in the URL structure. So it is important to include the keyword in the URL. If the internet user is searching for something and if that happens to be in the URL the website gains points. If the post title can be included in the URL structure it helps in making the blog more visible.

All these steps help in improving the blog and also increase the rank in the search engine optimization.

Best Security Apps for passwords and other secure information

When you are surfing online it is of utmost importance that you protect your passwords and other secure information because there are so many malicious people out there who would like nothing better than to hack into your computer and steal all the data that they need to use your credit card for a spending spree or even wipe out your bank account. You should know, too, that mobile phones and tablets are equally vulnerable to these kinds of dangerous activity.

For this reason computer entrepreneurs are constantly designing apps that you can use to protect your devices against these threats. Following are descriptions of some of the best of these apps. It should be noted that some of them are only for mobile devices or only for PCs. Others are for a specific line of devices, such as iPad or Mac—if so it will be indicated. All may be downloaded for free unless otherwise noted.


Avast is one of the biggest names in anti-virus software. Their app is one of the best choices if you are seeking protection for your Android smartphone. Its overall detection rate is 90 percent. A variety of tasks can be run with Avast; as listed on the startup page they are:

  • virus advisor
  • privacy scanner
  • application management
  • web shield
  • SMS and call filter
  • firewall
  • anti-theft
  • scan apps
  • scan SD card
  • automatic scan

New features are constantly being added to the menu. This is the app to get for most mobile devices.

Norton Antivirus & Security

Norton is also popular among computer users. It allows the owner to “remote lock” his machine and create a password. The premium version, which is worth $30 per year, includes a list of tasks which is too long to be given here. Its detection rate has been given by AV Test as between 65 and 90 percent, which is considerably less than that for Avast or Lookout (described below), but it has such features as safe browsing and message blocking. All of these features, however, also come with the other two programs.

Lookout Security & Antivirus

This app costs $3 per month (an alternate $30 annual fee is also available) is for mobile devices. Security scanning is present on the regular version, which can be upgraded to premium, in which case privacy advisor and safe browsing are also at hand.

NQ Mobile Security

From NQ Mobile Security, which is for both tablets and smartphones, you can get cross-platform contact backup, a firewall, a free privacy advisor for analyzing the permissions of apps before they are downloaded, browser protection and anti-malware. The basic version of the program is free but premium service can also be bought for $19.99 per year. With this superior version you will also have anti-eavesdropping capabilities that keep outsiders from listening in on your phone conversations without your knowing about it, remote locking and wiping, and bank app scanning functions. Some of NQ’s operations will not work except on devices that have SMS capabilities.


AVG takes up the least amount of memory space of the apps we have discussed so far—only 0.7 metabytes. It blocks access to websites from which malicious software may emanate and includes a privacy advisor that will warn you of possible dangers from apps that you are about to download. You can also manage any apps that are currently running on your machine or phone.

TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security

With TrustGo you can schedule a scan of your phone or SD card for viruses. TrustGo even has a feature lacking in the apps we have mentioned so far—a Secured App Finder Engine that you can use to find apps that are known to be safe. In addition it can be used to monitor your battery and memory usage. When you first open the program you will see the permissions of all the apps you currently have outlined on the privacy dashboard. TrustGo also comes with an alarm that can warn you remotely in case of theft.

Rebecca Brown is an avid blogger for NQ Mobile, keeping people protected when using their mobile devices. In fact, scientists reveal new malware detection method used by NQ mobile.

Secure Workspace And The Internet Company

Most companies have employees that believe that security procedures are not only inconvenient, but they also believe that they get in the way of progress and efficiency. Nothing can be further from the truth. In fact, the better the security that is in place, the easier that everyone’s job gets to be.

Secure Workspace

A good, strong secure workspace goes much further than the interface and the interoffice network spaces, it goes well beyond the walls of the office into the Internet and even further. All security first begins at the office and then spreads out from that point. The facts are that in this year and the next few years to come, there is going to be more information shared across secure Internet connections than ever before.

In order to maintain the same level of service and go even further, a company will have to ensure that security is the number one factor. An employee that can work from the office and from an alternate location becomes even more efficient than ever before. Excuses become a thing of the past as there is absolutely no reason that a file cannot be transferred from the home office and vice versa.


Integrity has more to its definition than most people thought. It is about being whole and about being solid. When an external company looks to your company and examines the security infrastructure, the word that should come to mind is integrity. A whole and complete structure that cannot be breached no matter what is the picture that should come to mind.

It is this kind of workspace that allows for employees and client to exchange information and confidential files back and forth without the single worry about safety. No one wants to worry every time they move a confidential file from one location to another. It should be as simple and easy as carrying a file folder to the other end of the office.

Security is also not something that employees need to administer to a great degree themselves. This places too much responsibility in a place where it is likely to fail. This is not to speak poorly of employees; it is simply a fact that someone, as some point will forget to secure a file or password protect a USB. That is why the security should be built right into the workspace itself.

Proven Methods

A branch of the military experimented with a security measure on a ship that had been given a great deal of thought. The system was devised to save time. There were more than 250 computer terminals that performed various functions, some very secure and others more mundane. The entire system operated on a system that was vaguely like Windows NT. An officer that needed to make a change in a system would have to log the enlisted user out, log in, make the change and then log out.

This was a slow system when something important needed to be done. A system was devised where the officer would wear a card around their neck that would automatically log them into a system when they were within certain proximity. Then, the enlisted person could make the approved change and once the officer walked away the system would return to normal.

The testing phase for this system exposed just why any system needs to be thoroughly tested. A typical military ship is built for economy of space and many places on the ship have very little walking room. Because of the nature of the security device and the tight quarters, as an officer would walk from one part of the ship to another, every computer that they passed would briefly become a fully authorized computer.

This has become something that people laugh at from time to time, it was caught in the testing phase and there was no real damage, but it shows why a security system needs to be fully tested and by a qualified company. An individual company that devises their own security protocols may be as blind as the developers of the military system.

It is not a matter of ignorance; it is just a fact that no single group can foresee every possible scenario. It is best to stick to the experts that have staff upon staff testing and re-testing security. They not only make efficient and secure workspaces, but ensure that there will be no mishaps later down the line.

How to handle negative comments

Life has ups and downs and everyone has to face both of them – a day or the other. But when someone finds a person who seems to be sent on earth just to criticize what you do, then your life becomes hell, believe me. There are hundreds of people who are always eager to make you feel uncomfortable with their language; the main reason why they do so is that they are jealous of you. But there is always a solution for a problem. In this case too, we can do hundreds of things but someone of them can even adversely affect your life. So I suggest you to stay away from such ways. Well, here is the list of Top 5 Ways To Handle Negative Comments.


Stay Calm

If you will stay calm, you will surely find it easy to ignore the person you are speaking to. Staying calm may look quite difficult in the starting but I suggest you not to worry because it starts getting better with time. The best thing you can do to stay calm is accept your mistakes and let other critics go to hell.

Ask the person to Say Optimistic

Optimistic approach is all what one needs to be successful. If you are optimistic in your life then nothing can bring you down. And that’s what you should ask the criticizer. Don’t give heed to bad words which your criticizer is using.

Accept your Mistake

The person who accepts his mistake is the wisest person. So learn to accept your mistakes, and try not to repeat those because they only degrade your character. Accepting mistakes may be difficult but it’s worth doing because you will always see yourself creating benchmarks once you start accepting your mistakes.

Don’t Respond Quickly

Don’t just reply the criticizer quickly. Take some time to research about what he or she has pin-pointed out in you. Then only reply accordingly because if you will mistake a second mistake in your reply, you will give him/her another chance to kick you.

Stay Happy

Don’t get distress if you are receiving negative comments. They are just adding up to your efficiency. In case, your criticizer is getting habitual of pinpointing you out, especially in public then I suggest you to stay out of his reach and let him know that you angry with what he/she has done to you.

10 Important tips to remember before you start with your blogging career

Blogging is not a simple task to achieve especially if you are planning to do on a long term basis. Hence, it’s important to know why you want to blog. Once you get this part right, you could go ahead and take important steps to make your blog successful. Here are some tips you need to remember before you think of blogging as your profession.

Clarity of Purpose

It’s important that you have a clearly defined purpose as to why you want to start a blog. This doesn’t simply mean that you should know whether you like to blog for money or for leisure but also involves things at a deeper level as to why you chose a specific subject.

Knowledge about the Industry

Once you have chosen a subject to blog on, you need to research about the industry more. You need to learn how much competition you are up against. Learning about your competitors could give you a direction in which you could tread to make your blog successful.

Choosing the Right Blog Service

There are several blog services that offer different kinds of services. It’s important that you browse through all the options and choose a blog service that suits your purpose well. Because the different features available in different blogs would enable you to do different things.

Choosing the Right Name for the Blog

Choosing the perfect name for the blog would help you the capture attention of people. Hence, choose a relevant name that captures the essence of your content.

Choosing the Right way to Market the Blog

There are several ways in which your blog could be marketed. Social media marketing is one of the fast growing ways which you must definitely consider.

Goal Setting

You need to have specific goals in order to get there and achieve them. Hence, chalk out your objectives properly.


Milestones are different from goals in a way that they let you achieve your goals. In other words, setting up milestones could lead you in the path of achieving your goals.

The Right Kind of Team

You need to have the right kind of team to achieve success in blogging. It’s possible only when the team that you are working with is completely committed to it.

Technical Aspects

Get the technical aspects of the blog right before you start blogging seriously. This would affect your blog in a major way as technical aspects would affect other aspects of your blog like page ranking etc.


blogging career

Search engine optimization and SEM are two aspects of a blog that definitely need figuring out before you set out a blog. A blog with these two aspects set, everything else would fall in place.

Follow the above given steps and you would definitely end up successful in your endeavor to blog. Also make sure that you read enough and research enough on the subject so that you would be able to perform even better.

Top 5 Relevant Ways to motivate yourself in Blogging

Motivation is an important factor to keep you going. Sometimes motivation doesn’t come from within. In such scenarios, it’s important to find that motivation from outside. Sometimes, it also becomes necessary to create the external forces that would give you the right motivation. This could be done by inculcating certain tendencies within yourself and cultivating certain habits that would go a long way in helping you to build your blog. Fact is that these motivating factors do not restrict themselves to blogging. They have the power to penetrate other aspects of your life as well and provide you with a sense of completeness.

Inspiration from Other Blogs

There must be blogs that you follow on a regular basis. Whether or not these blogs are related to the subject of your own blog, it’s important for you to derive inspiration from these. Make sure that you have subscriptions to blogs that inspire you. Make it a habit to read these blogs from to time. Look for what inspires you the most about these blogs. Once you figure this out, try and incorporate the same in your blog. But the important point here is to never let the inspiration die out.


Dream Big

Although it’s important to have an achievable dream, it doesn’t mean that you have to limit yourself to dreaming at a low level. Keep your dreams high. Not just high in terms of more traffic, more money or more fame but also in terms of gaining deeper satisfaction from the wok you. Ultimately, that’s what the money, fame and traffic would give you. Hence, aim to achieve it with the good work that you do.

Form your Inspiration Circle

This could be your friends, coworkers or fellow bloggers. The basic idea is to surround you with people who have interest in blogging. This way, you would constantly have people to talk to about your blogging and hence you would be able to keep yourself interested as well as motivated in the work you do. By exchanging ideas and opinions, you might also be able to do get new ideas that stimulate your thought process.

Keep your Updated

You need to be aware of what’s going on in the blogging industry as well the industry that you blog about in order to do well. This could be achieved by allotting specific amount of time on a regular basis for both research as well as reading. Making this a regular habit would help you immensely in expanding your knowledge base. This way, you would benefit both personally and professionally.

Blog, Blog and Blog

All these motivations would render useless if you do not get yourself to blog. You need to regularly blog and keep updating your portal in order to maintain your motivation levels high. Seeing progressive results right in front of your eyes is what you need to stay constantly motivated. This way, your blog would also benefit immensely and you would gain all the satisfaction to keep you going.

Getting traffic with your blog posts

Every single time someone creates a blog, his or her first target is to attract more traffic and you need to use your posts for that. More traffic means more exposures and that leads to better business opportunities. However, writing traffic pulling posts constantly is not an easy task. However, if you know how to attract people with your writing then you can make it happen. Making the blog posts interesting is actually easy if you know what strategies to follow and you use some basic tricks. Here are some blogging secrets that will help you to gain more traffic.

Blog traffic

Open up a bit

If you want people to be attracted by your posts then you have to open up a bit. You cannot pretend to be someone you not as that will make the visitors expects things from you that you cannot deliver. Tell them about yourself and what information they can get from you. Tell your readers how you can help them. This will help you to gain trust and get connected to them better.

Make them read till the end

Researches show that readers generally decide whether to read a post or not within 5 seconds and that’s why you have to attract them from the very first word of your post. This is actually not that tough if you know how to use your words to touch emotions. You have to make sure that the very first line of your post is attractive and carry that till the end. It will hold them through the entire post.

Choose current topics

If you want your readers to keep coming back then you must make sure that you attract them with interesting and hot topics. Many people think that writing on topics that are uncommon will help them to get more readers. However, the maximum number of blog readers actually wants to no more about the ongoing topics and that’s what you need to deliver them. Provide them with your own opinion.

Interview of experts

When people are looking for information on something, they always prefer to hear it from the experts. If you are writing on a specific topic in your blog posts then try to contact with an expert on that topic and request them for an interview. This way you can provide information on your topic from an expert’s mouth. If your opinion and the expert’s opinions match then you will gain trust from your readers.

Images and videos

People like to visualize what they are reading and there is no better way to do that than you providing videos and images on the topic of your posts. This will not only attract more customers but your posts will become search engine friendly. You will then be able to get more clicks. Make sure that you are using attractive media contents in your posts.


Including keywords in the post will make sure that you have a better chance of getting discovered. Make sure to research on the keywords to know which ones are the most effective ones. Include that keyword in your post’s title too.