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Aakash tablet – World’s ultra low cost tablet in India

According to reports, the Aakash tablet is being offered by the Ministry of Human Resource Development at almost half the price to the state governments. This a step to help the state governments progress the Aakash movement as this is going to popularize the tablet amongst the students in India. The colleges will be able to provide this tablet on rent to the student through the college libraries for free.

Aakash Tablet

Aakash Tablet

The low cost tablet

Aakash tablet was launched by Kapil Sibal in 2011 and is aimed at doing away with the digital divide in the country. The main idea behind this revolution and this free usage through the colleges is to let the ultra low cost tablet reach all of the 220 million students around India. Now, there are two versions of this tablet. One is the Aakash tablet PC and the other is the improved version Aakash 2 which is popularly being sold as UbiSlate 7+. This second version is supposed to be at least three spells swiftly than the prime version.

It has a 256 MB RAM and has a 7×3.5 inch display. In addition, it has a resolution of 800×480 and though it looks dull in comparison to the other uber-cool tablets, you cannot deny the fact that it is available at a super low cost.

Low Price Aakash Tablet

Low Price Aakash Tablet

The Operating System or OS is Android 2.2 Froyo OS. This OS supports multiple desktops and the videos can be played in this tablet directly from the pen drive. The tablet also supports Wi-Fi connectivity and also has a Bluetooth application. However, the tablet does not have an in-built camera but has a camera application, thus, this application has become useless. Then, there is also an Advanced Task Manager with Applications, Services and Systems tabs and there are the options of ending these too.

The tablet is mainly concerned with touch and so there is the option for you to touch and hold the feature which can help you shift the application onto the desktop or anywhere you intend to. However, as the Ram in this device is limited it would be better for you to avoid running several applications at the same time. The battery backup for this tablet is 3 hours.

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